Power Analyzer Reaches 0.02 Percent Accuracy

DN Staff

April 4, 2005

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Power Analyzer Reaches 0.02 Percent Accuracy

Yokogawa's WT3000 power analyzer boasts 0.02 percent accuracy of voltage, current and power measurements on motors, inverters, power supplies, lighting systems, and other electrical devices. With a frequency range from dc to 1 MHz, the WT3000 can measure harmonics, RMS voltage and current, active power, and current frequency. For a 10 kHz signal, you can take engineering measurements of amplitudes out to the 50th harmonic.

The WT3000 performs harmonic analysis through real-time FFT calculations. Doing so enables engineers to see a product's harmonic emissions on the display as they happen. And that capability lets engineers measure a power signal's parametrics and harmonics simultaneously. The WT3000 also measures total harmonic distortion. Analog outputs let you transfer your measurements to oscillographic recorders and other data-acquisition devices.

The WT3000 consists of a mainframe and up to four input modules. The 8.4-inch liquid crystal display and the range indicator LEDs ensure readability. A serial (RS-232) port, Ethernet port, and USB port are available as options. For three-phase measurements, there are units with three inputs. You can use the fourth input for dc measurements. Prices start at $8,950 for a single-input model. Add $3,000 for each additional input. http://rbi.ims.ca/4389-513.

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