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New slides make handling/assembly accurate

New slides make handling/assembly accurate

Festo's handling and assembly technology (HAT) is for configuration of two- and three-axis pneumatic systems for cantilever, Cartesian, and gantry-style assembly and handling machines. HAT is a modular, pre-engineered pneumatic system for small and large pick-and-place systems. The company's mini slides accurately perform intricate tasks while positioning sensors, probes, end-effectors, and tools used in conjunction with HAT. "They can be accurate to within a few microns," says Scott Schuler, Festo's product manager. The SLF, a low-profile unit that uses integral parallel pneumatic actuators and double-row caged ball bearings, provides accurate travel with high resistance to rotational movements. SLF units are available with 6-, 10-, and 16-mm bore sizes and stroke ranges of 10 to 30, 10 to 50, and 10 to 80 mm. Festo also offers an SLS design. The actuator, which is positioned directly under the unit's double-row, in-line bearing and guide-rail system, drives the narrow right-angle slide. The configuration resists pitch, yaw, and roll errors, according to the company. The slides are installed in any orientation.

Options for medium and large pick-and-place systems include the HMP, a unique pneumatic linear actuator. The HMP performs intermediate positioning along a 100-mm stroke. The supporting structures for the pick-and-place units are extruded aluminum.

Additional Details...Scott Schuler, Festo Corp., 395 Moreland Rd., Hauppauge, NY 11788; Tel: (631) 435-0800; FAX: (631) 435-8026;; or Enter No. 563.

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