Stainless-Steel Servo Insert Couplings

April 10, 2006

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Stainless-Steel Servo Insert Couplings

Couplings provide smooth, durable running

The stainless-steel couplings are made with a highly chemical- resistant elastomer element press fit between precision-mounted coupling halves, which make for no backlash and guaranteed concentricity. The inserts come in four different Shore hardnesses for different damping and torque rigidity needs. The inserts are heat treated with no inconsistencies on the surface area in contact, offering better rotational positioning accuracy. The couplings' tight concentricity tolerance in the overall design offer a high torque density and smooth running. They are useful in packaging, food processing, semiconductor and other applications requiring frequent cleaning or exposure to the elements. They come in nine different sizes with torque capacities ranging from 2 Nm (17.7 lbs/inch)-2150 Nm (19,027 lbs/inch) and can take English or metric bores in the 3- to 80-mm range.

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