September 4, 2006

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MC73110 Motor Control IC

Using field-oriented control for brushless DC motors

This is a compact, single-axis IC only needs a MOSFET or IGBT three-phase bridge to implement a full-featured drive. Field-oriented control, a math-intensive technique for commutating motors, offers higher motor efficiency and higher top-end rotation speed. It digitizes analog current feedback and provides multiple current control methods, using an on-chip A/D converter. It can also do Hall-based and sinusoidal commutation. It runs as a standalone intelligent motion IC or as a programmable axis controller, using serial commands. It also comes with six-signal symmetric pulse width modulated waveform generation, profile generation, Hall sensor input, analog or digital input, PID velocity loop, PI current loop compensation, trajectory generation and encoder input. It is built for medical automation, semiconductor equipment, scientific instrumentation, and other applications.

Performance Motion Devices Inc.

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