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May 5, 2003

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CAD model comparison

Compares both before and after effects

CADIQ(R) 4.0 features CADIQ Compare, a module that compares model quality and geometry shape changes in major CAD applications. The software covers such processes as new CAD model versions or revisions, data translation, and CAD system release upgrades. The model comparison software enables users to compare the shape changes and quality defects introduced during these processes, as well as qualify a model for downstream use for custom configuration. International TechneGroup Inc. www.transcendata.com Enter 610

CAD upgrade service

Improves productivity

The company's product and support services are designed to ease the transition from PTC's Pro/ENGINEER to Wildfire, its latest upgrade, via a range of consulting, migration, implementation, process-enhancement, and technical-education efforts. A migration package features data migration methodologies to transfer legacy data and process and best practice support to the new platform. An introductory expert-led training course also helps new users of the software. Rand Worldwide, www.rand.com Enter 611

CPU module

38% less power used

The fanless PC/104-Plus Single Board Computer features 0 to 60C operation, no moving parts, and 38% less power than the Pentium III. Based on the low-power Intel(R) Celeron(R) processor, the 350-MHz CPU module has Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) that protect against ESD on the I/O ports and reduce static damage. It comes with AGP video/flat panel, 10/100 Ethernet, industrial I/O, and DiskOnChip. Applications include automation, military, medical, and transportation industries. VersaLogic Corp., www.versalogic.com Enter 612

Simulation software

Consistency, repeatability in VPD process

MSC.SDM (Simulation Data Management) Framework 2003 enables users to automate engineering processes and manage simulated product performance data and the simulation models that create the data. Designed for the virtual product development (VPD) process in the automotive and aerospace industries, the software complements product data management (PDM) and PLM. MSC.Software Corp., www.mscsoftware.com Enter 613

Electrode design software

No manual programming errors

Used to design electrodes, PS-Electrode software offers a link to and direct programming of the Agievision control on Avie's EDM equipment, reducing process time and errors. It automates everything, from CAD data input for the component to the programming of the EDM machine, and identifies where electrodes will be needed, produces an electrode design, chooses the blank and holder, and specifies the necessary offsets. The software is compatible with the company's PowerSHAPE hybrid modeling software, for manual operation, and with the company's PowerMILL CAM program for machining data production. Delcam Inc., www.delcam.com Enter 614

Virtual simulation

Integrated environment

Virtual.Lab simulation environment reportedly combines reliability and accuracy of test results with speed and flexibility of virtual simulations. Based on CAA V5 (Component Application Architecture) PLM from Dassault Systemes, the simulation software suite consists of: Virtual.Lab Acoustics Rev 2, to optimize acoustic performance of a new engine design; Virtual.Lab Noise and Vibration, for noise and vibration analyses on the level of a full vehicle or aircraft; Virtual.Lab Motion Rev 2, for multi-body dynamic analysis; Virtual.Lab Durability Rev 2, for integrating the durability engineering simulation process; and Virtual.Lab Rev 2 for structural analysis. LMS International, www.lmsintl.com Enter 616

Structural optimization

Improve efficiency, performance

Given the company's position as a Spatial Component Application Architecture (CAA) V5 Adopter, OptiStruct(R) structural optimization software is designed to complement Dassault Systemes' CATIA(R) solution. The integration is expected to enhance product performance and overall efficiency of the structure. Altair Engineering Inc., www.altair.com Enter 617

Plastics design

3D, productivity enhancements

Moldflow Plastics Insight(TM) 4.1 is engineered to optimize the design and manufacture of injection-molded plastic products. MPI/Flow3D has new features including prediction of fiber orientation and part warpage, generally used with thick, solid part designs. Productivity improvements offer meshing tools like mesh density specification and cooling analysis solver speed increases, as well as post-processing enhancements. Other design improvements include new molding methods, Synventive's Dynamic Feed hot runner system, Trexel's MuCell microcellular foam injection molding process, API (Application Programming Interface) enhancements, and new hardware support. Moldflow Corp., www.moldflow.com Enter 618

Interoperability tool

Improved translation, modeling capabilities

The Granite 2.0 interoperability software development tool operates with more than 40 Granite-based CAD/CAM/CAE applications, including PTC products. The tool provides automatic access to native files of feature-based solid models originally created in another CAE application. The software includes UNIX platform support, improved utilities to simplify assembly operability, improvements to translation utilities and modeling capabilities, and a mechanism to support interoperability of metadata. PTC, www.ptc.com Enter 619

CPU board

Single VME slot

Engineered for industrial control and automation, the EUROCOM 148 VMEbus CPU board features a clock speed of 600 to 1266 MHz for Pentium III or Celeron processors, making its computing power sufficient for such real-time applications as control tasks with complex numerical calculations. Its design has a VMEbus interface, a complete PC kernel with graphics, and additional PMC module, in one VME slot. The board communicates separately and simultaneously with a central control computer and field bus controllers via two 10/100 Mbit Ethernet ports. Made with two asynchronous serial I/O lines with RS232 ports, the CPU board also has peripheral functionality with up to 512 Mbyte SDRAM. American ELTEC Inc., www.eltec.com Enter 620

Portable server

Rack mount system power

The self-contained PServer R9 uses dual 2.8 GHz Intel Xeon processors, up to 12 Gbyte double data rate (DDR) PC3200 SDRAM, and four drive bays for 7,200 or 10,000 rpm hard drives, DVD, DVD-R/RW, and CD-R/RW drives. Each portable system includes amplified speakers, a detachable keyboard with touch pad, and a large flat panel display with either a 15-inch 1280 x 1024 500 nit sunlit-readable SVGA or a 15.4-inch or 17-inch 1280 x 1024 SVGA display. Reportedly rugged in design, the systems may be used in both military and industrial environments, like naval and coast guard vessels, military deployment, military aircraft, and oil exploration. Broadax Systems Inc., www.bsicomputer.com Enter 621

2D design

Free downloadable demo version

I-Know 2D allows users to create 2D drawings from 3D models and complex STL models, which makes it compatible with most CAD systems. Release 3.0 of the design software includes view generation and selection, easy file browsing by auto-scan and preview, add and edit measurements, print/plot drawing on A0 to A5 with standard ISO scales, drawing export to DXF or EMF, and customized titleblocks with projection information and company logo. The 2D drawings may be created at any stage of design, engineering, prototyping, tooling, and production. CCIM Competence Center for Innovative Manufacturing, www.ccim.nl Enter 622

CAD translation

Flexible layer management

This translator combines LinkCAD/ANSYS software to translate file formats from DXF, CIF, GDS-II, Gerber RS-274D/X, or PostScript to ANF, Workbench(TM)-compatible Parasolid XT, and Emax(TM)-compatible TETIN. Automatically importing 2D geometry, the translator has a View feature for users to manage the individual layers. The CAD translation software operates in mechanical, thermal analysis, and design of PCBs and ICs, as well as electromagnetic simulation of MIMIC, MEMS, microwave, and wireless products. Ansys Southpointe, www.ansys.com Enter 623

Surface modeling analysis

Free via the Internet, internal network

The company's new viewing software for 3D surface models and digital mock-up visualizations is made up of an export module on a full ICEM Surf software seat, and the free viewer. With the viewing software, users normally not familiar with the ICEM surface modeling software may access and view any 3D surface model that was created with ICEM Surf. The viewer reportedly supports the Realtime Renderer module, with next generation digital mock-up and visualization tools. ICEM Inc., www.icem.com Enter 624

Metal export software

For Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire

Opti*Pro version 4.0 is intended to enhance productivity for Pro/ENGINEER users by combining Pro/ENGINEER's design capabilities with Optimation's computer-aided manufacturing tools. Used for sheet and plate manufacturing, version 4.0 enables users to export sheet metal part models to Optimation's family of CAM software. Users may choose from such configuration options as pre-programmed input, layer definitions, flat-pattern definition, part orientation, and assembly component selection. Jerand Technical Services Inc., www.jerand.com Enter 625

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