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September 3, 2001

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3D modeling and animation

trueSpace 5.1 is 3D modeling and animation software, now featuring support for Macromedia Shockwave 3D, Director 8.5, and other web output formats. This version also offers improved modeling tools, integrated interfaces, wide design format compatibility, and a software developers kit (SDK) for developers of third party plug-ins.

Caligari Corp., www.caligari.com

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With the company's patented SmartMates technology, CAD users can position and mate components in a single step, compared to as many as four steps with other packages. SmartMates also provides a dynamic preview of the part snapping into place. It then captures mate information, which can be edited later.

SolidWorks, www.solidworks.com

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Online analysis

The Adept Performance Analyzer enables users to test various configurations of the company's ball-screw linear motion mechanisms. After choosing controller options and module sizes, a designer can weigh the payload capacities and pricing. The Analyzer also returns data on cycle time, maximum speed and acceleration, and design life.

Adept Technology, www.adept.com

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Collaborative design tool

ProductSync(R) 2.0 is a web-based product development tool that's accessible from any browser. It enables users to design with collaborative Internet tools like product visualization and real-time communication. This version features secure project "rooms," document control, Web browser environment, CAD-independent model viewing (and measuring and mark-up), web conferencing, and more.

CONFEROS, www.conferos.com

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