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May 15, 2000

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The Distributed Starter(TM)system offers a pre-engineered method of integrating enclosed starters, short-circuit protection, motor disconnect, input/output capabilities for sensors and actuators, and network capabilities into distributed architectures. It can replace traditional centralized, custom panels, individual power wiring from starters to motors, and complex hard wiring of control circuits. The system also allows daisy-chained power wiring to motors, control, and communication over one DeviceNet(TM)cable, decreasing the number of terminations.

Rockwell Automation Response Center , Dept. 1109, 10701 Hampshire Ave. S., Bloomington, MN 55438; FAX (612) 942-6940;

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Hand-held computer

The CEL is an industrial-grade, hand-held computer that runs the Microsoft(R)Windows(R)CE operating system. It offers a sunlight readable display with optional touch screen technology, a variety of interface capabilities, and a rugged construction formed with Cycolac(R), a durable, chemical- resistant material. The LCD is a 192x128 pixel screen and multiple keypad layouts are possible with standard or custom graphics.

Two Technologies Inc ., 419 Sargon Way, Horsham, PA 19044; FAX 215-441-0423; www.

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Gear pumps

These metric-motor speed internal gear pumps come in three series with DIN connections and close-coupled metric-motor mounts. The compact design, which eliminates gear reducers, is suggested for OEM applications pumping viscous or lubricating fluids from 4 to 45.6 m 3 /hour (18 to 200 gpm) at differential pressures to 12 bar. Six sizes complete the series with ports from 40 to 100 mm. Applications range from adhesives, chemicals, and petroleum products to lubricants and fuels for rotating equipment.

Viking Pump Inc ., Box 8, Cedar Falls, IA 50613-0008; FAX (319) 273-8157;

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Fiber optic assembly

The 1500XL dispenser is designed to assure that the correct amount of silicone or epoxy is applied to couplers, connectors, and other fiber optic components. It operates on compressed air and electricity, and uses a timed air pulse to apply a consistent amount of silicone or epoxy. The digital timer and precision air regulator on the dispenser console are used to set the amount of material applied. The material is contained in a disposable industrial-grade syringe connected by a flexible air line. A foot pedal controls the system.

EFD , 977 Waterman Ave., East Providence, RI 02914-1378; FAX (401) 431-0237;

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Infrared process imager

The Thermalert(R)MP50(TM)is an industrial infrared process imager that provides edge-to-edge temperature imaging, monitoring, analysis, and control on continuous sheet and web processes. It comes with DataTemp(R)MP software that provides real-time 2D and 3D thermal images for engineers in glass, plastic, paper, steel, converting, and textile industries. It features a scan rate of 48 Hz (without analog outputs) and 38 Hz (with analog outputs) and allows data to travel up to 3,000 feet from the production floor.

Raytek Corp ., Box 1820, Santa Cruz, CA 95061-1820; FAX (831) 458-1239;

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I/O module

The CP671 is a multifunction industrial I/O module on a 6U CompactPCI board. It provides digital and analog I/O with opto-isolation on all channels, and is intended for industrial applications in rugged environments. The CP671 incorporates 8 opto-isolated digital inputs; 6 opto-isolated analog inputs; 8 opto-isolated digital outputs; and 4 opto-isolated differential analog outputs.

PEP Modular Computers, Inc ., 750 Holiday Dr., Building 9, Pittsburgh, PA 15220-2783; FAX (412) 921-3356;

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EMI shielding

A 300 Series polycarbonate specialty compound with carbon fiber is replacing machined aluminum rod or bar stock in some encoder housings. Encoder electronics are susceptible to electrical interference that can disturb the signals and cause equipment failures. The new compound reduces part weight, improves thermal and mechanical stability, and offers EMI shielding properties. It has a low thermal coefficient of expansion compared to aluminum and it maintains a stable temperature so the bearing and ground connectors can be inserted properly.

RTP Co ., Box 5439, Winona, MN 55987-0439; FAX (507) 454-2041; www.

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Lubrication-free bearings

The new SKC bearings can be used in the most delicate vacuum and clean room environments. The need for grease or other lubricants has been eliminated through a bearing design featuring alternating ceramic and Teflon(R)rolling elements. The ceramic bearings carry the load while smaller dia-meter Teflon balls act as separators. This separation reduced the rotational friction that might otherwise occur when load-carrying balls come into contact with each other.

Schneeberger , 11 DeAngelo Dr., Bedford, MA 01730; FAX 781-275-4749; www.

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Linear actuator

This linear actuator with ball screw is designed to represent an improved method for driving ballscrews compared to translational leadscrew devices. The motor's hollow shaft accommodates a variety of leadscrews up to a 3/8-inch diameter. It has a threaded front shaft extension and hub, which allow for ballscrew attachment to the rotating hollow shaft. Many optional hubs mated with ballscrew nut combinations ensure optimum motion profiles tailored to specific application requirements.

EAD Motors - Eastern Air Devices , One Progress Drive, Dover, NH 03820-5450; FAX (603) 742-9080;

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Peristaltic pump

The Mityflex line of peristaltic pumps is suitable for a wide variety of food and beverage fluids, including sanitizers, rinse agents, heavy slurries, and syrups. The positive displacement pumps also feature variable speed controls with pre-set flow rates ranging from 300 ml/min to 3,800 m(liter)/min for applications requiring non-continuous flows.

Anko Products , 3007 29th Ave. E, Bradenton, FL 34208; FAX (941) 748-2307

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Clear PVC pipe

CLEAR-40 is transparent PVC pipe that is non-conductive, non-toxic, and conforms to FDA standards for ingredients used with food contact surfaces. It is compatible with standard schedule 40 pipe, fittings, and valves. Its applications include use as a sight glass in chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries.

NewAge Industries , 2300 Maryland Rd., Willow Grove, PA 19090; FAX (215) 657-6594; e-mail [email protected].

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Icepak 3.1

This release incorporates a number of new features, including ways to model planar/ external heat exchangers, automatic calculation of loss coefficients for vents, and enhanced modeling features that allow the user to align objects precisely. It also includes several "macros" that allow the user to build complicated objects like various types of heat sinks and IC packages with just a few keystrokes. There is also a macro for building test chambers like those required during characterization for natural convection and forced convection tests per the JEDEC standards.

Fluent, Inc ., 10 Cavendish Ct., Centerra Resource Park, Lebanon, NH 03776; FAX (603) 643-3967;

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Air cylinder with cushions

This company's PC air cylinder has a stainless steel body with acetal resin end caps and is available with optional energy-absorbing, adjustable cushions. Bore sizes range from 3/4- to 2-inch and are available with a choice of nose, universal, or double end rod mounting styles. Cylinder application options include rod wipers, fluoro- elastomer seals, and bumpers.

Bimba Manufacturing , Box 68 Rte 50 N, Monee, IL 60449; FAX (708) 534-5767;

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Multi-beam couplers

Multi-Helix Flexible Beam Couplers accommodate any combination of axial motion, angular, and parallel misalignment. They offer a one-piece integrated solution in applications where there is a need to compensate for misalignment, maintain constant velocity, and provide axial compliance. Designed for light-duty power transmission applications such as stepper motors and servomotors in motion control systems, they are also suitable for light duty, precision applications involving components such as encoders and tachogenerators.

Huco Engineering Industries , 70 Mitchell Blvd. Suite 201, San Rafael, CA 94903; FAX (415) 472-4584;

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