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September 22, 1997

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Vacuum pump

FASTBREAK vacuum pump with high-speed blow-off and no moving parts is suitable for applications that require accurate part placement and rapid part release. The pump operates on a single-stage venturi principle that does not generate heat or vibration while in operation. Vacuum levels are 10 to 28 inches Hg with operating temperatures ranging from -32 to 125F. The fast flow rate ranges from 15 to 170 l/min and cycle rates up to 300 cycles are available.
KV Automation Systems Ltd., Presley Way, Crownhill, Milton Keynes MK8 OHB, England, FAX +44 01908 561227.


OM 15 micro-ohmmeter is for four-wire resistance from 0.1 mu{OMEGA} to 500 {OMEGA} with a dc or pulsed current of 10A to 1 mA. Powered by two battery packs, the micro-ohmmeter includes automatic compensation for thermal emfs and ambient temperature compensation. OM 15 is suitable for testing metallic coating, earth bonding, and on-site measurements, mainly in the aircraft industry.
AOIP Instrumentation, B.P. 182, 91006 Evry, Cedex, France, FAX +33 1 60 79 08 37.


Four-quadrant EC servoamplifier module controls the speed of EC motors with Hall sensors and incremental encoders. The module can be screwed onto the electronics rack with the assembly flange or directly onto the machine immediately next to the motor. By using the motor's Hall sensors to measure rotor position, the module can control the commutation of the motor windings. An optical incremental encoder fixed onto the motor shaft is used to measure speed. Input voltage ranges from 12 to 50V.
Omterelectric AG, Brunigstrasse 220, CH-6072 Sachseln/OW, Switzerland, FAX +41 041 666 16 50.


Flashtrab FLT Plus lightning arrestor is for use in low-resistance power-supply systems. The high-quenching capacity of line-follow currents means that the surge arrestor can also be used in the direct vicinity of low-voltage transformers. Since the Flashtrab FLT Plus serves as a "current brake," it ensures that even fuses with small nominal values are not blown by the minimal line-follow current in the arrestor. This is useful for devices with low connection values or low input fuses.
Phoenix Contact, Box 13 41, D-32819 Blomberg, Germany, FAX +49 52 35 3418 25.


Right-angle gearheads have a hollow-shaft output for mounting flexibility. Features include a low backlash of less than 5 minutes, input speeds to 8,000 rpm, operation at less than 70 db, and an efficiency of more than 92%. Gearheads are available in three frame sizes with reduction ratios of 3:1, 9:1, 15:1, 21:1, and 30:1. The ServoMount(R) design with a balanced pinion supported by a floating bearing provides true alignment of the input pinion and the gears, allowing high input speeds.
Bayside Controls Inc. , 27 Sea-view Blvd., Port Washington, NY 11050, FAX (516) 484-5496.

PBT grades

PBT Arnite(R) grades include TV4 230 SNF with 15% glass fibers and TV2 260 SNF with 30% glass fibers. Both grades are rated V-O according to UL94, including the use of up to 50% regrind. Arnite grades are suitable for application in connectors, low-voltage switchgear parts, electromotor parts, switches, lampholders, and capacitor housings. In addition, they meet the requirements for pegs, latches, and snapfits. This allows assembly without the risk of cracking and minimizing of reject levels.
DSM, Box 43, 6130 AA, Sittard, The Netherlands, FAX +31 46 477 00 70.

Load cells

F60 Series load cells are available in capacities from 5 to 5,000 kg with a nominal accuracy up to 6,000 divisions OIML. Its R60 test certificate makes it possible for the F60X to be used in any approved-for-trade scale all over EEC, and other locations which accept OIML certification. Built entirely of stainless steel with a waterproof level of IP68, the series is suitable for humid or corrosive areas.
SCAIME, BP 501, 74105 Anne-masse, France, FAX +33 4 50 87 78 46.

Prototyping materials

Somos 201 elastomeric polymer produces highly flexible parts with rubber-like characteristics. With this product, rapid prototyping technology can be used to develop functional prototypes such as gaskets, seals, moldings, athletic shoes and equipment, and other applications where high flexibility is key. Other new materials include VeriForm Polymer, a thermoplastic material for functional prototyping applications, and Somos 201, an SLS(R) selective laser-sintering material.
DTM, Otto-Hahn-Strasse 6, 40721 Hilden, Germany, FAX +49 2103 62265.

Rotor production center

3EX rotor production center is useful for the refrigeration compressor industry. Suitable applications also include use in advanced manufacturing systems such as automatic tool changing and automatic workpiece clamping. Hydrostatic bearings in the workhead provide higher stiffness and better accuracy. A 130-mm bore spindle in the workhead allows automatic chucking with a rear-mounted actuated mechanism.
Holyroyd, Harbour Lane N., Milnrow, Rochdale, OL 16 3LQ England, FAX +44 1706 353350.

Pulse generator

Programmable pulse-generator chip PCL-5014 is a CMOS LSI. Oscillating high-frequency pulses drive stepping motors and pulse-train input servomotors according to commands transferred through the CPU bus interface. Output pulses can be controlled by sending signals from an external instrument. Features include an S-curve acceleration/deceleration control, out-of-step detection, output of idling pulses, and an interface for servomotor control.
Nippon Pulse Motor Co. Ltd., No. 16-13, 2-chome, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113, Japan, FAX +81 3 3813 2940.

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