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February 3, 2004

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Motion Control/Power Transmission


Enhanced system integration

The MSA66 is a full bridge, 4-quadrant PWM amplifier that is reportedly capable of driving dc brush motors in the 1/3 hp range and smaller. It is designed to operate with ground referenced inputs that swing from -10 to +10V, matching the output characteristics of many motor control ICs and eliminating the need for an additional power supply. Rated at 5A output with motor supplies up to 80V, the MSA66 can deliver 400W of continuous power to the load, according to the company.

Apex Microtechnology

Adjustable linear drive assemblies

Remote control knobs

Using optional remote control knobs located outside of the pillow block end supports, the drive head stroke length on the Model RG liner drive assemblies may now be adjusted. The end stops can be moved together or apart by turning the knobs; this sets the stroke length because the position of the end stops determines the drive head reversal points. They are available in nine sizes: 15 to 80 mm, meeting various thrust and payload requirements.

Amacoil Inc.

Modular hybrid step motor

High resolution

The 3609Z is a miniature size 14 modular hybrid step motor that is designed to be integrated into a wide range of interchangeable "press-on" size 14 or 17 housings, allowing users to easily customize the motor's mounting configuration for their applications. Its ceramic resin integral housing and end cap configuration reportedly provide a strong mechanical structure with enhanced thermal capabilities. The low inertia motor develops an acceleration of 57,100 radians/second2.

Lin Engineering

Pushbutton solution

Compact, rugged

Designed as the perfect pushbutton solution, the FDN20-4S-4XSG-E is compact and rugged and has a built-in DeviceNet(TM) eurofast(R) connector. The device powers its input and outputs from DeviceNet(TM), so no other cables are needed. It has an operating temperature range of -25 to 70C and the printed circuit board is coated to protect electronics against condensation within the enclosure.


AC motor speed controllers

Offers range of functions

The ES01/ES02 series of compact ac motor speed controllers accepts input power of 110/115V (ES01) and 200/230V (ES02) to control ac motors and gearmotors over a range of 90 to 1400 rpm and 90 to 1,600 rpm. They can be used with the company's World K and V series ac induction or reversible speed control motors. Included functions are controlled acceleration and deceleration and instantaneous stopping capability.

Oriental Motor USA Corp.

Block style I/O modules

For automation systems

Inline Block I/O modules are a family of block style I/O modules that include 16 and 32 channel digital block modules. They are compatible with a variety of fieldbus protocols and the compact design (a height of 2 inches) allows them to be installed in distributed control panels or control cabinet doors. Installing the product is designed to be easy and communications are integrated into one, reportedly low-cost unit.

Phoenix Contact

On-board PLC

Adds intelligent, precise control

The 3G3MV-P10CDT-E on-board PLC is designed to install directly on the company's 3G3MV inverter, offering the benefits of a fully-featured CPM2C-S PLC embedded in the inverter. It measures 68 x 128 x 38 mm and reportedly eliminates the costs and delay of point-to-point wiring. A direct, dual-port RAM connection enables complete access to inverter parameters, which results in enhanced speed, positioning, and function control for the application being controlled, according the company.

Omron Electronics Inc.


Improves performance

The company's 600V 50A non-punch-through diescrete IGBTs for motor drive applications in D2Pak and TO-220 feature a "square" reverse bias safe operating area. They are also designed with a 10 microsecond short-circuit capability, improving the motor drive's reliability and durability. They are ideal for hard-starting motor drive applications with high in-rush currents with power levels up to 6 kW, such as vacuum switches, switch reluctance drives, and UPS systems.

International Rectifier

Speed sensor

Speed switch functionality

Designed to operate in demanding, hazardous, and industrial environments, the SpeedTalker DN sensor is reportedly the first DeviceNet-enabled speed sensor with speed switch functionality. It incorporates sensing and shaft speed analysis for real-time maintenance feedback and machine diagnostics, according to the company. The sensor features an "open style" connector and is designed to be easy to install and configure.

Electro-Sensors Inc.

s PCB mount receptacles

Reduces set-up time

Created for use with power and signal transfers to factory automation equipment in the pharmaceutical, electronics, and semiconductor industries, the M8 picofast(R) PCB mount receptacles come in 3-, 4-, and 6-pin designs. The receptacles are mounted on printed circuit boards and attached to a housing that provides a reported watertight seal. Each includes mounting hardware and they are available in both male and female versions. The product's brass housings are designed to withstand rugged industrial environments.


Linux port

Saves costs

The MPI is an ANSI standard C/C++ suite of robust motion libraries, designed to accommodate the most advanced motion control applications. Now with a Linux port, the product is fully compatible with SynqNet(TM) performance motion network platforms. The company selected Red Hat, Version 8.0 as its Linux source.

Motion Engineering Inc. (MEI)

Flexible distributed controllers

Performs coordinated motion

Designed for machines requiring multi-axis controllers operating in a distributed network, the DMC-31x3 series is able to free the host computer from the complex task of motion coordination. Designed as a low-cost, effective communication between various controllers, I/O, cameras, and other devices, it is Ethernet-based and can be specified for 1 to 8 axis. It is also reportedly able to mix network components.

Galil Motion Control

Linear actuator

With anti-rotation mechanism

The latest addition to the company's hybrid motor line is the Size 11 captive linear actuator. Designed to provide options for equipment designers who require performance and endurance in a compact package, the actuators are built for a life of several million cycles and feature engineering thermoplastics in the rotor drive nut and a stainless steel Acme lead screw. It is available in a number of resolutions, ranging from 0.000125 to 0.002 inches. Thrusts of up to 25 lbs are delivered without compromising life or costs, according to the company.

Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.


Multiple functionality

The company's "machined" springs are designed to provide desired and predictable elastic performance in compression, extension, torsion, lateral bending, and lateral translation modes. By using the company's "flexure" technology, the products enable customer-specified end attachments (such as clamps, tangs, flanges, or threaded ends) to be integrated into a single, multi-functional component.

Helical Products Co.

t Speed flux vector drive

High performance design

Able to perform like a dc drive, the SECO(TM) SV3000 ac adjustable speed flux vector drive can also be used in machines driven by conventional ac drives. It is available from 1 to 350 hp, in open- and closed-loop models. The device features full torque at zero speed, application specific firmware, and is reportedly easy to install and program. It is designed to be integrated into any turnkey motion control system and is ideal for a variety of applications, including wire and cable, material handling, food processing, and metal forming.

Danaher Motion

Digital drive

New 60V dc model

The HARmonica product family now has a 60V dc digital drive model additions. According to the company, they are available in 5, 8, and 12A 60V dc models and reportedly provide advanced motion control capabilities. In addition, some reported capabilities include precision current and velocity, and fully programmable intelligent position control modes. They are available in packages measuring 3.23 x 1 x 2.95 inches and provide 750W of continuous output power. All models use the company's Composer software suite, featuring its auto-tune function for automated servo tuning, the company added.

Elmo Motion Control

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