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July 7, 2003

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Motion Control/Power Transmission

Articulated robots

Compact rho4.0 or Windows rho4.1

The AR6 and AR8 articulated robots have 650-mm and 850-mm ranges, respectively. Each transports up to 5-kg payloads at high speed, and a repetitive precision of plus or minus 0.02 mm. Features include built-in absolute encoders, integrated IQ200 control system, and an ability to perform on multiple control platforms. Applications include assembly, dispensing, deburring, and soldering. Bosch Rexroth Co., Enter 659

Motion control card

Change speed on the fly

An advanced PC/104 four-axis motion control card is available for designs needing a maximum output frequency of 6.5 Mpps. NPM6045A-4104 is capable of linear and S-curve acceleration, deceleration, and circular or linear interpolation. Units include a C language library, PCL motion control chip, and a 28-bit up/down counter for incremental feedback. Applications include manufacturing of semiconductors, robots, and medical instrumentation. Nippon Pulse Motor Co. Ltd. Enter 670

Machine mounts

Supports up to 12,000 lbs

Heavy-duty M-series machine mounts, are ideal for industrial applications like automatic lathes, grinding machines, injection-molding machines, and milling machines. This series is designed for equipment that does not require floor fastening and features a built-in leveling bolt, direct leveling, and insulation. Nitrile pads are resistant to most fluids and chemicals and help dampen up to 80% of vibration. Sunnex, Inc., Enter 671

Modbus UDP

Better TCP messaging

User datagram protocol transports Modbus messages over Ethernet, and is reportedly a better choice for real-time applications because packets do not carry the overhead of the TCP stack or require explicit sessions to be established. UDP is the actual data packet of the TCP delivery system. The company solves the packet-sending dilemma using its EtherTRAK I/O Linux IPm, an open system product running UDP with reportedly perfect real-time results. SIXNET Enter 672

Industrial OCR software

Complete accuracy on good characters

Improvements to the EconoCR(TM) industrial OCR software make it compatible with more environments and processors. The product is now available for National Instruments' LabVIEW(R) environment, as well as products by Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, Motorola, and Hitachi. Applications include automatic serial number reading, ID code reading, disk drive rewrite heads, medical or dental devices, aerospace components, currency, and printed circuit boards. Concepts In Computing Enter 673

Electric brakes

Stable fast or slow braking

MODEL FEB spring set electric brake is set in multiple disk brake designs. Their composite friction surfaces reportedly offer the highest available torque in small spaces, outperforming larger brakes. The FEB operates in dry or oil-splash environments and comes in a full range of dc voltages. Applications include aerospace, robotics, manufacturing, medical, and military equipment. Carlyle Johnson Machine Co.; Enter 674

Bevel gear units

Increases torque at lower speeds

The company's Mdrive high-torque stepping motors now feature a planetary gearbox option designed to provide better inertia matching and finer positional resolutions. Available fully assembled, the PLGs come with every Mdrive version-including Microstepping, Motion Control, and Speed Control-and in NEMA motor sizes 14, 17, 23, and 34. Users may choose from 1-, 2-, or 3-stage gearboxes with reduction ratios ranging from 4:1 to 308:1. Francia Vanni e Silvano Snc, Enter 675

Serial interface

For semiconductors, fiber optics

The serial peripheral interface is a 3-wire digital interface from a controller to any of the company's motor amplifiers. The controller sends the digital command in master mode; the driver receives in slave mode; the controller updates the data on clock rise. The slave will sample data on the clock negative derivative. Use in motor amplifiers AB1A, AB2, AB4, AB5, and AB1A-3U. Nanomotion Enter 676

Chain carrier

Needs no guide troughs

The AUTO-GLIDE system for E4 modular line of Energy Chains(R) travels up to 100m without a guide trough. The grooved inner radius design of the carrier interlocks to create integrated channels for carrier glide. The system is available for Energy Chains with 50- to 600-mm inner widths, and 32- to 80-mm inner heights. Applications include conveyer systems, assembly equipment, textile machinery, and gantry robots. IGUS Inc., Enter 677

Positioning system

Increased electronic bandwidth

Advanced positioning technology is a flexible, open-ended system, using a 6-axis stage with a unique mechanism for positioning. Apt(TM) includes a guided alignment linkage pin that combines the resolution and friction-free performance of flexures with the increased travel and compact construction of bearing rails. The system uses modular differentials or stepper-motor actuators on all axes. Control electronics include plug 'n play software, out-of-box setup, and USB connection. Melles Griot, Enter 678

Insert driver

Interchangeable tips

Versatile and portable, the bench-top Model TM self-tapping insert driver features an internal clutch and automatically rotates the insert. Inserts penetrate to preset depth. At that point, the clutch reverses rotation unscrewing the tool from the insert. This product also features interchangeable tips, pneumatic flow controls, up-down adjustment, and a positive mechanical stop. Spirol Int'L Corp., Enter 679

Stepping motors

1.2A per phase, unipolar

Stepper motor designs that demand compact but high-torque units can incorporate the PK-P, 2-phase hybrid stepping motor. Reportedly offering the highest torque available in a 1.65-inch square hybrid motor, the units come in two lengths. The smaller model is 1.54-inches long and produces 69.4 oz-in of holding torque. The longer unit is 2.32 inches long and produces 133 oz-in holding torque. Both include 6-pin, plug-in connector receptacles. Oriental Motor USA Enter 680

Magnetic lifters

Uses permanent magnets

Magnetic lifters target safety and efficiency while boosting productivity to handle steel. According to the company, magnetic lifters save time by holding, carrying, positioning, and releasing ferrous materials more efficiently than manual or mechanical methods. Permanent magnets require no electrical hookups or special cables, nor special setup. Standard models are capacity-rated to 4,400 lbs for flat loads, and are made of ceramic, permanent magnet material. Bunting Magnetics Enter 681

AC inverter

For process lines, punch presses

The 3G3RV ac inverter features a high-slip braking function that shortens motor stopping time by one-third over conventional stopping. Features include standard rotational auto-tune and static auto-tune function. The face plate is split and the keypad can be used to access the removable terminal strip. Two units are available: .50 to 150 hp, operating at 230V ac; .75 to 500 hp, operating at 460V ac. Omron Electronics Inc. Enter 682

Linear actuator

Use as drop-in replacement

An expanded hybrid motor line includes Size 14 captive linear actuator that features a thermal plastic rotor drive nut and stainless steel ACME lead screw. Designed with an internal anti-rotation mechanism, the actuator is ideal for precise positioning and rapid motion. Typical uses include medical equipment, X-Y tables, valve control, and more. Size 14 is available in resolutions ranging from 0.000125 to 0.002 inches per step, and delivers thrusts to 25 lbs. Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc., Enter 683

Torque motors

Very low torque ripple

Direct drive motors that eliminate mechanical elements, such as gears, the IndraDyn T frameless torque motor consists of a stator and permanent magnet rotor. These liquid-cooled motors are designed for link circuit voltages up to 750V. Integrated temperature sensors protect the motor against overload. Motors range in size and speed, and have maximum torque rating of 4,500 Nm. Standard power and cooling connections are supplied. Bosch Rexroth Corp. Enter 684

Disk brake

Custom mounting available

The MB Series motor-mounted disk brake is reportedly fail-safe and is adjustable to soften long travel braking. Torques are available to 950 lb-ft, and a toggle length compensates for lining wear. The MB Series is mounted vertically or horizontally, using standard bolt pattern or custom setup. These disk brakes are spring-applied, and feature single-screw adjustment points. Johnson Industries Ltd., Enter 685

Plastic chain

Clip-top, poly-steel

A line of plastic roller chains is formulated for difficult applications where high-speed, dust and dirt, bacteria and mold, and acids or alkalines can damage machine components. The plastic industrial chain reportedly reduces maintenance and operating costs while improving productivity in typical accumulating, electronic, or sanitary operations where metal chains have high failure rates. Plastics formulations are available to deter static electricity, sparks, and ultraviolet light. U.S. Tsubaki Inc., Enter 686

Magnetic encoder

Use with planetary, spur gearheads

Magnetic encoder series MDE2-16 is available on a variety of miniature dc motors and is reverse-voltage protected, as well as output current limited. Units are thermally robust, operating in temperatures -40 to 302F and at voltages 3.3 to 26.5V dc. Features include 16 counts per resolution, gearheads with a variety of ratios, and 8.4 mm assembly length. Micro-Drives, Enter 687

Pancake spring

Small, single-piece component

Pancake-shaped compression springs offer high strength in miniature components. Ideal for applications that require consistent pressure on tiny machined parts, the spring's aluminum body transfers heat from the work. Each spring is machined from a single piece of material. Components can be made to special design requirements, performance features, or other special characteristics. Helical Products, Enter 688

Helical gearbox

Standard shafting, mounting holes

The Slide-Rite(TM) gearbox turns power around corners and slides axially along drive shafts. Gearboxes are reportedly leakproof, low-backlash (1 degree on reversal), and durable in fixed or free-floating power transmission applications. In addition, this product uses standard shafting and mounting holes. According to the company, Slide-Rite's 45 degrees helical gears are hardened steel and permanently lubricated, ready for use. Tol-O-Matic Enter 689

Motion control diagnostics

No software loading

The ControlsToolkit diagnostic software package includes a BodeTool(TM) and FilterDesigner(TM), to decrease motion system development time. Software runs on Windows(TM) 2000 NT and XP operating systems. The BodeTool is configured to supply amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency diagrams. Data is saved to an exportable, tab-delimited text file and clearly displayed for open or closed-loop tests. Motion Engineering Inc. Enter 690

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