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June 3, 2002

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Computer Productivity Tools

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Mold software

PS-Moldmaker software for the automated design of molds now incorporates new wizards to speed operations. The Slide Wizard provides an automatic method for the design of slides when molding parts incorporating undercuts. The relevant areas of the part can be identified with the undercut shading option within PowerSHAPE. A Cooling Wizard uses a dynamic sectioning command within PowerSHAPE to create a plane, or multiple planes, within the mold core or cavity for the layout of water channels. Delcam International Inc., Enter 638

Process management

EM-Quality is an integrated shop-floor data collection and analysis tool that is designed to enable electronics manufacturers to improve yields and reduce defects in real time. The system now utilizes the eMPower Execution Systems solution set that provides users with a fault-tolerant user interface management system, enhanced engineering change order functionality, and in-process route editing capability. The eM-Quality solution now provides users with a new method for collecting circuit board assembly and box-build failure data. Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd., Enter 639

Document manager

The AutoCAD Client for TeamVault allows AutoCAD users to improve how they locate, manage, and share design information with others. The client communicates with TeamVault to verify a user before permitting access to file information, for secure operation. Users can check files in and out with members of the design team immediately updated to the current state of the files. The client maintains connectivity even if the file is renamed or moved. Ironcad; Enter 640

Laptop workspace

The Table Tote gives business travelers and consumers a portable workspace to carry with them at any time. The collapsible table is a versatile, stable workstation that, when folded, is a 13- x 11- x 1-inch unit that fits into a briefcase, laptop case, or backpack. When in use, the table is adjustable to a height of up to 36-inches tall and a width of 18 inches for optimum workspace. PC Tables LLC, Enter 641

Behavior system

Virtools Dev 2.1 allows users to create interactive applications by graphically assembling behaviors. The Virtools' reusable behavior building blocks look to speed the production cycle and reduce production costs, maximizing return on investment. Developers can use the behaviour library or program their own behaviors in C++ with Virtools' Software Development Kit (SDK). This version now includes more than 20 new behavior building blocks and a DirectX 8.1 rasterizer. Virtools S.A., Enter 642


The mobile Athlon(TM) XP processor is now manufactured on state-of-the-art 0.13-micron technology. It maintains Socket A and pin compatibility with the manufacturer's mobile processors manufactured on 0.18 micron technology, while adding a 266 MHz front-side bus option to enable greater data throughput. The mobile Athlon XP processor also features PowerNow!(TM) technology, a sophisticated power management solution, and QuantiSpeed(TM) architecture, which delivers high performance for the Windows XP operating system. AMD, Enter 643

CD-RW drive

The Impulse 24x10x40 USB 2.0 CD-RW drive comes packaged with a USB 2.0 PCI card, providing users with an all-in-one solution. The USB-IF certified Impulse functions under Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, and XP. It is backward compatible with USB 1.1, supports plug-and-play, and is hot swappable. It comes with a Nero Software CD, a USB 2.0 cable, power adapter, one blank each CD-RW Media and CD-R Media, and a 20-count CD carrying case. IOGEAR Inc., Enter 644

LCD monitor

The 18-inch MultiSync(R) LCD1880SX monitor is encased in a new, minimalist cabinet design and enables IT administrators to enhance their productivity by remotely diagnosing, controlling, and tracking the monitor through an existing network. With proprietary long-cable technology, a distant control room can access the monitor without compromising image quality or interrupting end-users' work environments. A total response time of 33 ms virtually eliminates ghosting and image trailing from video applications. NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America Inc., Enter 645

Collaboration tool

Developed in conjunction with Microsoft on the .NET platform, E-vis 4.0 is advanced collaboration, conferencing, and visualization software that can integrate with XML Web services. It enables for a community of users, including both technical and non-technical participants in product development as well as supply-chain partners, to collaborate globally in real time. The package builds on an industry standard for sharing and visualizing lightweight product data based on the JT format. EDS, Enter 646

EM simulator

HFSS(TM) 8.5 provides full-wave, finite-element, electromagnetic simulation and now employs 64-bit code. It eliminates the limitations posed by 32-bit code to deliver a tenfold increase in the size and complexity of the structures that can be simulated. Designers can utilize the power and high memory of 64-bit RISC-based UNIX computing platforms to analyze large complex structures, such as multiple-array antenna systems and high-speed IC packages. Ansoft Corp., Enter 647

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