Autofact '97

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November 3, 1997

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Autofact '97

New dimensions have been added to Autofact, the leading conference and exposition on information technologies for the manufacturing enterprise.

Included in the lineup are hands-on training, technology demonstrations, and chat rooms offered by IT vendors such as Autodesk, Computervision, HP, Intergraph, Oracle, SDRC, Silicon Graphics, and Sun Microsystems.

The product-based, 90-minute, hands-on training sessions are set up for 12 to 16 attendees per session and cover topics supported by more than 13 vendors.

Three separate technology demonstration areas focus on Internet/-Intranet, interoperability, and virtual reality. At the theater section of each pavilion, a brief summary of applications and issues related to the specific technology will be provided. Then participants will have an opportunity to explore products from these various technologies in an interactive environment.

Rounding out this interactive experience, a live chat room will feature industry experts leading a discussion on engineering challenge solutions. Topics to be covered include enterprise integration, legacy data, the Internet, and interoperability.

From November 3rd to 6th, the Autofact '97 conference will address current and emerging technologies in eight specialized tracks including EDM/PDM, rapid prototyping and manufacturing,CAD/CAM/CAE, simulation, MES/MRP; Internet; Windows NIT, and product design and enterprise management. More than 70 multi-speaker sessions will offer application and solution information to the expected 1,000 conference attendees.

Marking its 20th year, Autofact '97 is sponsored and managed by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Co-sponsors include the Computer and Automated Systems Association of SME (CASA/SME) in cooperation with the Association for Electronics Manufacturing of SME (EM/SME), the Rapid Prototyping Association of SME (RPA/SME), the Manufacturing Execution Systems Association (MESA), Simulation Software Vendors Association (SimTECH), and the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG).

For more information on the AUTOFACT '97 conference and exposition, contact SME at (800) 733-4763 or (313) 271-1500 or by fax at (313) 271-2861, or visit


CAD software

Version 1.2 of EUCLID QUANTUM contains two new products for styling and drafting: EUCLID STYLER and EUCLID DRAFTER. Both can be used as stand-alone solutions or linked to other EUCLID QUANTUM applications. EUCLID QUANTUM is a single scaleable system available on both UNIX and NT.
Matra Datavision Inc.Booth 813 One Technology Dr.Andover, MA 01810

3-D design software

SolidWorks(R) 97 Plus solid modeling software features more than 160 enhancements including performance optimization for large assemblies, enhanced sweeping and lofting, interactive customizable exploded views, improvements in detailing, and expanded Internet capabilities. In addition, language support includes Spanish and Italian.
SolidWorks Corp. Booth 325 150 Baker Ave. Ext.Concord, MA 01742 FAX (508) 371-730.

Analysis software

VisualSPC version 3.0 data-collection and analysis software includes the VisualSPC Monitor and VisualSPC Importer. Both give VisualSPC the ability to monitor shop-floor quality processes from any networked PC in real time, and to import data from measuring systems such as CMMs. The monitor displays what is happening on the production floor from any networked PC.
GageTalker CimWorks Booth 525 11415 North East 128th St.Kirkland, WA 98034


Version 2.3 of ICEM Surf software includes a conversion tool that allows NURBS surfaces from other systems to be converted to Bezier representations so features such as global modeling can be applied to existing designs. Trimmed surfaces can be read via IGES, ASCII-Part, or directly from CADDS or CATIA, and stored in the ICEM Surf databases. Other features include the ability to import raw data in X,Y, and Z formats and the ability to fix tangents of selected patches in addition to their edges when performing global modeling.
ICEM Technologies Booth 1311 4201 Lexington Ave. N.Arden Hills, MN 55126 FAX (612) 415-4899.

Data-management software

I-DEAS Master SeriesTM software, Metaphase Series 2 product data-management software, implementation services, software training, and process re-engineering expertise provide technology for designing, simulating, testing, and optimizing vehicle manufacturing electronically. "Supplier Readiness" programs explain how to prepare for future car programs by demonstrating through presentations and exhibits how this technology has been used by other automotive companies.
Structural Dynamics Research Corp. Booth 858 2000 Eastman Dr.Milford, OH 45150.

Software tools

ST-Developer software tools are for organizations defining and building "open" databases for their proprietary systems using STEP technology. Interfaces and utilities in ST-Developer are suitable for creating applications to access this information over the Internet. Other products include the ST-DatabaseTM, ST-ExpressTM, ST-ACISTM, ST-VisualizerTM, and ST-WebPublisherTM.
STEP Tools Inc. Booth 1425 Rensselaer Technology Park Troy, NY 12180 FAX (518) 276-8471.

Engineering software

DEFORMTM engineering software uses finite-element methods to model the complex material behavior of metal during the forming process. Applications include forging and preform design, process parameters, and die analysis. DEFORM is capable of dealing with cold, warm, and hot processes and accounting for the effects of strain, strain rate, and temperature.

Scanning system

The Oce 9400 is a single-unit plotting, copying, and scanning system for decentralized, mid-volume, on-demand multifunction production. This system prints or copies two "E"-size drawings per minute and electronically prints up to 19 copies of a document after one scan. A choice of one or two media rolls is offered, each with a 500-ft capacity for online access to a choice of roll width or print media. The Oce 9400 delivers 300 dpi print quality and features radiant fusing.
Oce-USA Inc. Booth 947 5450 North Cumberland Ave.Chicago, IL 60656.

Database software

IMPACT software is a relational, multi-user database programmed in a Windows environment. This software supports APQP, QS-9000, and ISO 9000. IMPACT creates the process flow chart, characteristic matrix, PFMEA, control plan, instructions, PPAP, and document control. When changes are made, any affected documents are automatically updated.
Integral Solutions Inc. Booth 406 520 East 11 Mile Rd.Royal Oak, MI 48067 FAX (248) 543-2882.

Manufacturing system

The Knowledge-Aided Process Planning and Estimating System (KAPES) is for controlling manufacturing costs, times, and process methods for both piece parts and assembled product structures. KAPES features a library of engineering base data and is suitable for supplier cost control, process planning, time and cost generation, and bid cost estimating. KAPES supports UNIX and Microsoft NT on a server and UNIX or Windows clients.
PS Industry Solutions Booth 1339 500 South Florida Ave., Suite 600 Lakeland, FL 33801 FAX (941) 687-8759.

Design software

FactoryCAD 5.0 is for drawing and managing industrial facilities through AutoCAD customization. Features include commands and block libraries for industrial facilities including cranes, racks, conveyors, structural elements, machines, and industrial equipment in 2-D and 3-D. FactoryCAD draws 2-D or 3-D, package, automotive floor, and overhead conveyor blocks using standard and customized conveyor sections. Features include a vertical-curve calculator, tools for area analysis, and floor and rack packing.
Cimtechnologies Corp. Booth 636 2501 North Loop Dr., Suite 700 Ames, Iowa 50010 FAX (515) 296-9909.

Printing system

FDM8000 is a rapid-prototyping and 3-D printing system. Using ABS modeling material, the FDM8000 creates tooling patterns and masters as well as functional prototypes for testing. Large build envelopes allow users to generate parts to 457 x 457 x 609 mm. The system operates unattended in an office environment on Windows NT, Hewlett Packard, Silicon Graphics, and Sun Microsystem workstations.
Stratasys Inc. Booth 401 14950 Martin Dr.Eden, Prairie, MN 55344 FAX (612) 937-0070.

CAD Software

Multi-CAD Version 6.0 is a CAD-access tool that allows full 3-D design data from various high-end CAD formats to be analyzed and manipulated on a PC or workstation by using views, drawings, and dimensions. Portions of the 3-D design data can be translated by Multi-CAD to send to finite element analysis or numerical control-coding processes.
Multi-CAD L.L.C. Booth 513 32500 Telegraph Rd., Suite 201 Bingham Farms, MI 48025 FAX (248) 433-1737.


The Color Touch station is a fully integrated, expandable, touch-screen computer with a high-resolution color display. Available in a 586 version, this computer comes standard with external keyboard and printer ports, but is suitable for keyboard- and mouse-free operation of all Windows-based programs.
Greco Systems Booth 1212 372 Coogan WaEl Cajon, CA 92020 FAX (619) 447-8982.

Management tools

Quality Plus for Windows is a fully integrated suite of management tools that help a company meet QS900 and ISO9000 requirements. The software uses prompts to gather information about the design and manufacturing practices and creates documents such as FMEAs, test plans, work instructions, and control plans.
Harpco Systems Inc. Booth 1518 Box 930315 Wixom, MI 48393 FAX (248) 669-3433.

Drawing tools

Visio 5.0 drawing tools, including Visio(R) Standard, Visio Professional, and Visio Technical, are available in a common 32-bit engine and permit the exchange of drawings among disparate groups. Features include in-place editing for embedded objects and the integration of ActiveX controls into a Visio drawing. Document management systems can now be used to manage Visio 5.0 drawings via support of the open-document management API.
Visio Corp. Booth 447 520 Pike St., Suite 1800 Seattle, WA 98101 FAX (206) 521-4501.


Smart Shop Manager is a 32-bit SQL client/server application that is directly linked with Machine Shop Estimating (MSE) and Costimator. Each product features a library of machine types and a materials database that calculates speeds and feeds, weights, fatigue factors for heavier parts, English to metric conversions, and various cycle times. With this direct linkage, the information gathered from these estimating packages can be pulled through to confirm accurate job costing, perform financial data collection, and ensure accurate delivery dates with Smart Shop Manager's scheduling.
Smart Shop Software Inc. Booth 646 7600 Mineral Dr., Suite 100 Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815 FAX (208) 772-0623.

ISO 14000

Answers to the ISO 14000 series of environmental management system (EMS) standards are provided in the booklet ISO 14000: The Answers to Your Questions. Covered topics include who should have ISO 14000, how to establish an EMS, how to implement and register ISO 14001, and how ISO 14001 relates to ISO 9001.
Excel Partnership Inc. Booth 1317 75 Glen Rd Sandy Hook, CT 06482FAX (203) 426-7811.

Software product solutions

MOST(R) is a Windows-based work measurement tool for creating and maintaining a database of work elements. The software automatically produces times based on the MOST Keyword Language method description entered. Other products include MOST Data Manager for creating time standards; ErgoMOST for analyzing ergonomic risk in the workplace by assigning a relative stress rating to each body member at the step or job level; and AssemblyMANAGER, a software application for balancing labor production lines.
H.B. Maynard and Co. Inc. Booth 632 8 Parkway Center Pittsburgh, PA 15220 FAX (412) 921-4575.


ExpertEASE software system version 4.0 is for the development of manufacturing standards and work instructions. This system supports true computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) by providing links to MRP/ERP solutions and CAD/CAM design functions. Suitable for client/server architecture, the front-end requirements are Pentium PCs with 16 Mbytes RAM running on Windows platforms. The back end can be either a PC server using Btrieve as the DBMS or any UNIX server and DBMS that supports OBDC conventions. Additional features include a full-feature word-processing system, video capture, and the ability to import graphic formats.
EASE Inc. Booth 1329 27405 Puerta Real, Suite 380 Mission Viejo, CA 92691 FAX (714) 367-9906.


RapidproveTM machine-toolpath checking software provides automatic error detection for 3-axis surface machining and 2.5-axis milling. This software automatically identifies gouges, rest material, and rapid-feed clashes in a machining operation and displays them in text and graphical formats. Rapidprove provides the exact measurements required to adjust the toolpath to remove the errors represented visually by color banding. Stronger areas of color represent deeper gouges or greater rest material. A batch mode allows verification to be performed in the background.
LightWork Design Ltd. Booth 541 Rutledge House, 78 Clarkehouse Rd.Sheffield, S10 2LJ, England FAX +44 114 266 1383.

CAD system

SolidEdgeTM version 4.0 is a CAD system for mechanical assembly, part modeling, and drawing production. Solid Edge is developed with 3-D solid-modeling technology, providing interactive mechanical design. Version 4.0 is suitable for part, assembly, draft, and sheet-metal environments.
Integraph Corp.Booth 625Huntsville, AL 35894.


SolidView 2.1 is for the communication of 3-D mechanical design. Features include the ability to import VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) data. Users can measure and add annotations to communicate design issues. A measure-section capability for measuring interior design features can output cross sections in DXF format and includes an option to automatically create DX, DY, and DZ dimensions.
Solid Concepts Inc.Booth 515 28231 Ave. Crocker, Unit #10 Valencia, CA 91355 FAX (805) 257-9311.

Software technologies

Exact Hidden Line Component (EHLC) and 2-D and 3-D Dimensional Constraint Manager (2-D DCM and 3-D DCM) component technologies are for organizations undertaking CAD software development. The EHLC calculates exact hidden-line views directly from any CAD model and not from a faceted approximation, making it suitable for engineering drawing production requirements.
D-Cubed Ltd. 68 Castle St.Cambridge CB3 OAJ, England FAX +44 1223 356567.

Simulation software

FEA simulation software for sheet-metal forming is for deep-drawing and stretch-forming operations, and is used by engineers, die makers, and CAD operators for sheet-metal stamping and draw-die development. Several modules are incorporated into this system including Automesher for fully automatic meshing and filleting of IGES and VDAFS surface data; Incremental for tool and die design, tryout, prototyping, and process engineering; and OneStep for early phase-formability analysis and tool development. Features include the display of wrinkling in shaded diagrams, automatic filleting, a binder-wrap solution, data entry without a text editor, a direct CATIA interface, and simulation of CAM operations.
AutoForm Engineering Booth 1506-ATechnoparkstrasse 1, Ch-8005Zurich, SwitzerlandFAX +41 (888) 528-8636.


Version 1.1 of Geomagic Wrap modeling software automatically "wraps" an accurate and watertight surface around an arbitrary point cloud. The resulting surface is triangulated and topologically consistent. Once generated, the surface can be output in various standard formats including 3DS, DXF, IGES, STL, VRML, OBJ, GEOM, WRP, ASCII, and Postscript. Wrap runs under Windows 96, NT, and SGI workstations.
Raindrop Geomagic Inc. Booth 1429 206 North Randolph St., Suite 520 Champaign, IL 61820 FAX (217) 239-2556.

Mold-conception tool

TopMold is a mold-conception tool for the PC. Integrating a complete TopCad CAD system, TopMold can be used to create molds directly from the part itself. Full part-mold associativity automatically reflects modifications made to the part in the mold cavity and base. A library provides direct access to standard mold-base and fastener elements. TopMold accepts 3-D solid parametric parts created in TopSolid V6, TopCam, Parasolid-based CAD systems, TopMold itself, or in neutral format.
Missler Booth 533 3964 Earnscliffe Ave.Montreal, QUE H3X 2P3 FAX (514) 369-3918.


GDM 3-D Graphic Data Management software is for quality-control environments such as part and assembly inspection. This software provides the ability to display measurement results graphically and oriented with CAD views of the checked feature. Tolerance simulation results can be compared on-screen next to measurement data, with color-keyed flags to indicate in-spec, out-of-spec, or close-to-limit conditions. Several "batches" of parts can be compared to each other and the progression of variation can be viewed from piece-part to final assembly.
Dimensional Control Systems Inc. Booth 610 580 Kirts Blvd., Suite 309 Troy, MI 48084 FAX (248) 269-9770.

Inspection system

The RE-1000 inspection system is for automatically digitizing 3-D parts with complex internal geometry. This system simultaneously digitizes both the surface and internal part geometry. The RE-1000 system can be used to obtain 3-D point-cloud data of both the interior and exterior part features to within plus or minus 0.001-inch accuracy. This information is useful for first article inspection, reverse engineering parts, inputting actual data into a 3-D CAD package, and creating STL files.
CGI Booth 747 15161 Technology Dr. Minneapolis, MN 55344 FAX (612) 937-3018.

Web browser

dV/WebFly is an interactive web-based browser that enables virtual products created using dVISE to be used and interacted with by users across the World Wide Web. This browser is suitable for consumers, design-team members, suppliers, and executive management who review small engineering assemblies, training programs, interactive documents, and virtual products. In addition, this product simulation tool allows companies using the full set of interactive product-simulation tools to collaborate with customers, suppliers, and internal sources.
Division Inc. Booth 713 1400 Fashion Island Blvd., Suite 510 San Mateo, CA 94404 FAX (415) 312-8300.

Process/development software

TechOptimizer 2.5 Professional Edition of Computer-Aided Innovations (CAI) software is for the conceptual stage of product and process development. This software is divided into five modules: TechOptimizer, Effects, Principles, Prediction, and Feature Transfer. Features include toolbars for defining engineering problems and graphical illustrations for each engineering principle and examples. TechOptimizer is available for Windows and requires 70 Mbytes of hard drive space and 16 Mbytes of RAM.
Invention Machine Corp. Booth 311 200 Portland St. Boston, MA 02114 FAX (617) 305-9255.

Rapid-prototyping system

The Precisor desktop model rapid-prototyping system features a maximum build envelope of 6 x12 x9 inches. This system is suitable for producing both concept models and tooling-grade patterns for use in investment casting and to build injection-mold tooling. Features include user-adjustable build and speed parameters, material replenishment during operation, automatic fault detection and status monitoring, and accurate restart of build from point of interruption.
Helisys Inc. Booth 417 24015 Garner St. Torrance, CA 90505 FAX (310) 891-0626.

Design software

BAAN PDM design-to-manufacturing software provides an integrated suite of document management, versioning, and change control, as well as product structure and workflow management capabilities. Features include a unified user interface, default-item data support, and automatic update and synchronization. BAAN PDM is available on several platforms including Windows, Sun, HP, IBM RS-6000, and all DEC UNIX machines and operating systems.
BAIN Inc. Booth 741 25240 Lahser Rd.Southfield, MI 48034 FAX (810) 799-7421.

Rapid-prototyping system

The Z402TM rapid-prototyping system produces 3-D models. Features include a non-toxic powder composition that is starch- and cellulose-based, and a maximum part size of 8 x10 x8 inches. The machine measures 29 x36 x42-inches high and weighs 300 lbs. All stressed elements have support from unbound powder until fully cured, making it possible to produce complex geometrics with no supports.
Z Corp. Booth 946 35 Medford St., Suite 213 Somerville, MA 02143 FAX (617) 628-2879.

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