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Hot products

Hot products

Polycarbonate resists lipids

In a major advance for the medical plastics industry, Bayer Corp. has developed what it claims to be the first lipid-resistant polycarbonate (PC). The highly transparent material offers excellent bonding with PVC tubing, and helps alleviate cracking in high-stress applications where there is contact with intravenous fluid products, particularly lipid emulsions. Makrolon(R) DP1-1805 is said to be less expensive than specialty polyurethanes, polyetherimide, and polysulfone, all currently used for luers, tubing connectors, Y-site medication ports, stop-cocks, and other high-stress uses. Bayer Polymers Div., FAX (412) 777-4889.

Material adjusts damping, durometer

E-A-R Specialty Composites now has in the final stages of beta testing a new family of proprietary thermoplastic rubber (TPR) materials that lets the user adjust damping performance and the durometer--either individually or simultaneously. The D-1110 formulations are particularly suited for applications with limited isolator sway space. They can be formulated at the molding machine with durometers ranging from 45 to 75 Shore A, and damping performance equally as varied. E-A-R Specialty Composites, FAX (317) 769-3111.

PEEK wheels reduce pump wear

When the Sihi-Halberg Group, Itzehoe, Germany, looked for ways to reduce wear on its regenerative pumps, it decided to replace the stainless-steel impeller wheels with ones made from high-performance VICTREX(R) PEEKTM 450CA30, a carbon-fiber-reinforced polyaryl-etheretherketone polymer. According to Todd Andres, Victrex USA Inc. industrial marketing manager, the substitution resulted in a significant wear reduction because of the material's optimum sliding properties. In addition, it reduced noise levels and gave the wheels more consistent running properties. Victrex USA Inc., FAX (610) 696-5702.

Composite assists plug assists

FORMPLAST 2000 thermoplastic composite from Cadillac Plastic and Chemical Co. suits thermoforming plug-assist applications. "The material features superior toughness and impact, tremendous dimensional stability, and has extremely low thermal conductivity," says Scott Bruner, Cadillac's manager of corporate business development. He expects the material to replace syntactic foam, machined aluminum, and wood for plug assists. Cadillac Plastic and Chemical Co., FAX (416) 249-0148.

Web site answers vinyl questions

Want to know who developed vinyl, or how vinyl is created out of one of the world's most abundant resources--salt water? Then dial up The Geon Co.'s new web site at A one-stop resource on vinyl, the site covers everything from general industry data to Geon product spec sheets, market applications, customer service, and company news. The Geon Co., FAX (216) 930-3620.

Urethane foams offer low fogging

Rogers Corp. has introduced a new family of PORON(R) urethane foams specifically developed for gasketing, sealing, and vibration-absorbing applications. The foams offer flame retardance, low outgassing, and low fogging, making them ideal for automotive instrument cluster gaskets, door lock and molding seals, heating and ventilation system gaskets, gasoline tank mounting pads, and cup-holder cushions. Rogers Corp., FAX (860) 779-5509.

Concrete tool housing takes abuse

The new Milwaukee(R) ThunderboltTM 11/2-inch rotary hammer is engineered to withstand the rigors of drilling or breaking up concrete. It features a rugged housing and other key components made of DuPont Zytel(R) nylon resins. The hammer's housing consists of seven parts injection molded from Zytel 82G33L. A two-piece cord clamp is made of the same material, a 33% glass-reinforced resin incorporating the super-tough DuPont formula. "We picked the material because it provides exceptional impact strength, as well as other properties we need," says Jeff Zeiler, a design engineer at Milwaukee. DuPont Engineering Polymers, FAX (302) 992-2990.

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