W. L. Gore & Assoc.'s GORETM Low-Profile Copper Cable

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April 10, 2010

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W. L. Gore & Assoc.'s GORETM Low-Profile Copper Cable

W. L. Gore& Assoc. Inc.'s very low-profile QSFP direct attach copper cable assemblyis "fiber-like" in size for QDR InfiniBand and 40 GbE aggregate applications. GORETMLow-Profile Copper Cable fulfills the needs of dense, higher-port-countswitch installations while providing an even more reliable interconnect forhigh-performance computing (HPC). This cable was provided to major switchvendors and computing OEMs for testing over the last six to eight months andwas tested for compliance and interoperability in spring 2009. The reduced bend radius and smaller diameter of GORETMLow-Profile Cable allow for more aggressive routing as well as cleaner dressingof the cables in high-performance computing (HPC) environments. This new cableis also less prone to interfere with the closing of cabinet doors in denseenvironments. The data centers and OEMs continue to reinforce that thereduction in cable mass provides greater air flow for more efficient cooling,which results in increased electronic efficiencies and reduced failures; thisis a benefit that is sometimes overlooked. GORETM Low-Profile CopperCable was developed for GORETM QSFP Assemblies and InfiniBand QDR applications.With a diameter of 0.170 inch for a 4x channel, eight-pair cable, thecross-section savings is 37 percent compared to alternative Gore cables and 58percent compared to typical industry offerings. This low-profile cable istargeted at high-performance computing applications, where a large percentageof high-density port-count interconnects are 2m or less (e.g., intop-of-the-rack switching installations).

For more information: http://www.gore.com/en_xx/products/cables/copper/networking/Infiniband/infiniband-qsfp.html?xcmp+ejr_QSFPpr_0709

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