TRICOR Systems' Imaging Spectrophotometer - Model 600

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April 10, 2010

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TRICOR Systems' Imaging Spectrophotometer - Model 600

The Model 600 will allow the user to capture image spectral datafrom any scene and provide CIE Chromaticity Coordinates of each pixel locatedin that scene. It can be used to quantifyspectral transmittance, reflectance, as well as output from illumination and displaysystems. The Model 600 measures spectralenergy from 380nm to 780nm. This spectralinformation can be used to calculate various color coordinates of reflectancecolors under various types of illuminants. Resulting color units includes: Tristimulus values, chromaticitycoordinates, CIELAB 1976, Hunter Lab, CIE 1976 UCS and CCT (Correlated ColorTemperature). The Model 600 allows, for the first time, the measurement ofcolor on three-dimensional products that could not be previously measured. Design engineers no longer have to rely onflat, sample plaques to infer measurements on three-dimensional shapedproducts. The application of the Model 600 is only limited to theirimagination. For example, the graphic arts industry does not currently have ameans of directly measuring color of the final printed product. Instead it relies upon indirect or inferredmeasurements. They may even rely onnumerous single point measurements. This device can map delta E over an entirepackage surface. The Model 600 ground breaking technology allows colormeasurements to be performed over large areas. Additionally, the systemperforms automatic sample image alignment to a previously stored electronicstandard. This allows high-accuracy, full visible spectrum color measurementsand delta E mappings to be performed over large areas. This single system can be used to measurereflective, transmissive and radiated color, as well as color differences. All this capability is inherent in a singlesystem. The applications are limitless. The company says there is nothingsimilar on the market today providing full spectrum color measurements overlarge areas.

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