Siemens Industry's Sinamics S110

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April 10, 2010

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Siemens Industry's Sinamics S110

The Sinamics S110 is an economical,single-axis ac servo drive for simple positioning. It is easily commissioned, highly flexible,has integrated safety functions and may be conveniently connected tohigher-level controllers. It is designedfor simple positioning or indexing applications with synchronous or inductionmotors such as simple pick-and-place and feeding tasks, as well as with rotaryindexing tables. It is also suitable for stacking and handling applications,feeders in printing and paper machines, and for ejectors in injection moldingmachines. Other applications include tool positioning in machining stations andpositioning task in the wind and solar industry. The plug-and-play DRIVE CLiQinterface on the S110 drive and our motors provides automatic configuration ofthe system - no parameterization is needed. This leads to extremely fast and easy system commissioning. A featurenot found in other low cost servo drives is integrated safety. The S110 servo drive has seven on board safetyfunctions which meet the safety requirements of Category 3 and SafetyIntegrated Level 2. These may be controlled with on-board inputs or using aProfisafe profile over Profibus, eliminating the needs for costly wiring andcontactors. The on-board positioning functions are simply and easily configuredgraphically. Designed for simplepositioning or indexing applications with synchronous or induction motors, theSinamics S110 offers a unique, motor choice flexibility that normally is notoffered with simple servo drives. Operating in the 0.12 to 90 kW power range, the Sinamics S110 drivefeatures a wide array of positioning functions, PLC-like logic and arithmeticfunctions as well as integrated safety. Profibus, Profinet (in preparation),CANopen or analog/digital interfaces allow the Sinamics S110 to be easilyintegrated into higher-level controllers. The DRIVE CLiQ interface on the S110drive and our motors provides automatic configuration of the system - noparameterization is needed.

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