Rittal Corp.'s TS8 Disconnect Module/Part Number 8900.060

DN Staff

April 10, 2010

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Rittal Corp.'s TS8 Disconnect Module/Part Number 8900.060

The TS8 Disconnect Modulequickly and easily turns any single door TS8 modular freestanding industrialenclosure into a flange-mount disconnect enclosure. The disconnect moduleinstalls in place of a sidewall on the modular enclosure and will accommodatethe disconnect handle and cable operators available from most majormanufacturers. The compactdesign of the TS Disconnect Module features a width of only 4 inch making it possibleto meet application requirements while conserving valuable floor space. Themodule is available in four different sizes that accommodate popular TS8enclosure specifications. Rittal's TS8 disconnect module provides yet anotherlevel of adaptability to the already versatile TS8 enclosure with a reversibleconfiguration that allows it to be used on either the right or left side of theenclosure. When used in conjunction with a mounting panel infill plate, anadditional 4 inches of mounting panel space is gained. The TS8 DisconnectModule is a unique product in that it allows designers and integrators thefreedom to plan and build around non-disconnect enclosures while having theflexibility to add a main disconnect to their system by simply adding the disconnectmodule as an accessory.

For more information: http://www.rittal-corp.com/products/product_details.cfm?n1Id=&n2Id=&n3Id=&pn=8900060

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