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June 4, 2001

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Pressure switches

Series PP7 pressure switches can provide single- or dual-switch outputs, programmable N.O. or N.C. operation, and PNP or NPN polarity. The switches also feature adjustable hysteresis, a programmable time delay, and a programmable damping function to eliminate false trips on pressure surges. A push button can be used to program the switching setpoints and N.O./N.C. output function. Setpoint accuracy is better than 1.5% of range with repeatability of better than 1% of range.

ifm efector inc.,

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Hand held terminal

ProMotion hand held terminals feature double-pole 3-position Liveman switches, as well as a double-pole emergency stop. The design of the 3-position switch is said to provide a closed position when depressed to a mid-point, but if the switch is depressed or released fully the circuit is opened. The product features an LCD display with both text and graphic capabilities, contrast control, and an optional backlight.

Two Technologies Inc.,

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Industrial measurement

NuPak Series is a line of pre-assembled industrial computers which are designed to overcome the confusion of picking the best computer for a given application. The products feature Intel(R) processors, and can be used in applications such as automation and control, image processing, multimedia, medicine, data communications, telecommunications, avionics, and test and measurement.

ADLINK Technology Inc.,

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Distributed I/O

VersaPoint(TM) I/O is said to be a flexible, granular I/O product designed for distributed automation systems which have small but varied I/O requirements. The product allows users to add I/O in 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 point increments, which is said to allow the flexibility to specify the exact amount of I/O needed for each application.

GE Fanuc Automation,

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Scan camera

HiPerCam 2 is an area scan camera with CCD technology and an intelligent frame grabber in a single package. Unlike conventional scan cameras which scan only half the lines in a single image capture, this product reportedly scans both odd and even lines at once, which provides a clearer and faster picture of the object being scanned, eliminating the need for a second scanning camera.

American Eltec,

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Liquid level switch

LS-2 liquid level switches are designed for high volume, low cost applications. The product is said to be ideal for high-end consumer products as well as low cost industrial equipment such as appliances, pure water systems, and photo processing equipment. The product is available in quantities of 1,000 or more, and can be supplied with either 1/8 inch NPT or M12 mountings.

Gems Sensors,

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Controller modules

This company's PLC-5C controllers have been rereleased in enhanced versions. Also, the 1747-ACN15 and 1747-ACNR-15 adapters which are compatible with PLC-5C controllers, lets users use the ControlNet network to send mission-critical data are designed to supply scheduled and unscheduled network connections for SLC (1746) I/O.

Rockwell Automation,

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Pressure gauge

Model PI digital pressure gauges are said to provide high accuracy and carry FM approval as being intrinsically safe for Class I, II, and III; Division 1, 2; and Groups A through G. The product is available in ranges from 0 to 15 to 0 to 10,000 psi with gauge, absolute, vacuum, or compound reference, and is said to provide readings accurate to within 0.2%.

DCT Instruments/Sensotec,

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Dual pressure switch

PS7 electronic dual pressure switches are said by their manufacturer to represent the latest in electronic switch technology. The product combines the display, switch, and transducer into one single package. It displays pressure and provides a continuous analog signal, and features two independent programmable switch points, one analog output, and a 4 character LED dot matrix display with adjustable brightness.


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Vibration/temperature transmitter

Model 972 is a solid state loop powered vibration and temperature sensor/transmitter for use in industrial machinery monitoring. The product is said to continuously monitor both parameters and sends this data directly to the PLC, to provide level monitoring, alarm, and shutdown capabilities. The product features two isolated 4 to 20 mA outputs which are proportional to vibration and temperature.

Columbia Research Laboratories,

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L-GAGE(TM) Q50 Light-Gauging Analog Output Sensor is a triangulation sensor which is said to combine laser-like performance with LED safety and economy. The sensors feature a compact design which is said to speed setup time by eliminating the need for a separate controller. Applications include dry-bulk level measurement, package filling, roll-diameter measurement, loop control, and dimensional measurement.

Banner Engineering Corp.,

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