Nissan Says It Needs Electric Car Subsidies

DN Staff

October 22, 2009

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Nissan Says It Needs Electric Car Subsidies

Nissan Motor Co. said this week that government subsidies are necessary if electric cars are to survive.

            “Government help is absolutely imperative at least over the next few years,” said Mitsuhiko Yamashita, Nissan’s head of technology and product development, in an article published in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. “Without those incentives, the electric battery car is not going to be accepted in the marketplace anytime soon and anywhere around the world.”

            China, the United States and France are among the governments that have so far pledged to spend up to $15 billion in the next five years in tax incentives, levies, subsidies and consumer bonuses to help car companies develop electric cars, the article said.

            Judging by news from this week’s Tokyo Motor Show, automakers must believe the subsidies will be there. Reports from the show indicate that manufacturers are rushing to launch EVs. Honda showed off its battery-driven EV-N; Nissan demonstrated its electrically-powered Land Glider, Toyota unveiled the electric FT-EV II, and Nissan showed off its Leaf electric vehicle

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