Nexen Group's RPS Direct Mount Pinions and Preloader Systems

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April 10, 2010

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Nexen Group's RPS Direct Mount Pinions and Preloader Systems

TheRoller Pinion System (RPS) is a linear, or rotary, motion control drive. It is similar to conventional rack andpinion; however, it surpasses traditional drives with a unique pinionconsisting of bearing-supported rollers. The rollers are designed to engage with a specially engineered tooth profile. The function of the RPS is to convert rotarymotion to linear motion, or vice-versa. It does this very efficiently, accurately, and with zero-backlash. Thus, it is attractive for many applications,and can be used on any equipment requiring challenging motion control. In addition to providing unlimited length andhigh-accuracy positioning, the RPS facilitates system integration and ensuresoptimized performance. The ISO 9409flange mount pinions can be directly mounted to a flanged gearhead (no shaftbushing required) and the pinion preloader system includes everything needed toproperly integrate the RPS into a machine design (fasteners, adjustment device,drawings, etc.). The components are allpre-selected to work together. Thisintegrator-focused design simplifies the implementation process by reducingcomponents and ensuring proper application. This frees up time for the engineer to focus on more important items. Thecompany says the RPS is the mostefficient rack and pinion on the market. It's simple, fundamentally unique, and achieves its zero backlashinherently with its design. At the coreare the bearing rollers and the engineered tooth profile; they create thevalue. Furthermore, to help withintegration, the ISO 9409 pinions mount axially to the gearheads and transmittheir torque via friction. To completethe package, the preloader system locates with counter-bores. As opposed to locating off the threads, thecounter bores ensure high precision.

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