Multicontact connectors aimed at hardened applications

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January 3, 2000

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Multicontact connectors aimed at hardened applications

Meeting European certification requirements is critical in producing products for the global marketplace. Easing an electronics OEM's burden in this area is a series of high-density, miniature push-pull locking connectors that provide from 7 to 27 contacts in shells ranging from 18 mm (0.71 inch) to 28 mm (1.10 inch) in diameter. They are available in 7-, 8-, 19-, or 27-contact forms. Because contact resistance is less than 3 milliohms, the connectors are well suited to carry medium current, up to 7A per contact, as well as weak signals.

Features include removable 0.03 inch (0.76 mm) diameter gold-plated contacts, which can be of crimp, solder, or PCB type. An "easy-to-lock" push-pull system facilitates operation in tight spaces, and the connectors are designed for frequent locking and unlocking. Operating temperature range is -40 to 212F (-40 to 100C).

Phil Moore, president of North American distributor David Emery Corp.(Clinton, WA), notes the locking system is designed for dirty environments. The connector is protected by a simple sliding collar on the outer surface that functions like an airhose coupling for mating and demating. Thus, areas that can become clogged with particles are minimized.

The connectors meet IP67 waterproofing standards and can be configured in cabled or overmolded form factors. The devices also meet CEI 96.1 radio frequency standards, verified by RFI/EMC performance testing. All manufacturing is done in the company's ISO 9000 certified facility.

Applications include medical, aerospace, electronics, test and measurement, and video equipment.

Additional Details...Phil Moore, The David Emery Corp., Box 470, Clinton, WA 98236; Tel: (360) 341-5030; FAX: (360) 341-4533.

Applying animation to real life

Laurie Ann Toupin, Associate Editor

More and more CAD packages feature animation software. "CAD vendors got the religion of animation," says Jeff Simon, president and COO of Immersive Design, makers of animation software IPA (Interactive Product Animator). "Now we are making that religion useful and practical."

The newest release of IPA, version 6.0, transforms CAD models into 3D animations that can be used specifically for assembly and maintenance procedures.

IPA 6.0 with its assembly and maintenance feature generates Web page animations for better communication of product designs, manufacturing process sheets, and service instruction documentation.

With IPA 6.0, a company can turn the original engineering model into assembly instructions for use by consumers, by maintenance or salespeople, with a just few clicks. After an engineer creates an IPA animation, he or she defines the assembly order and types in descriptive information pertinent to the process. IPA 6.0 automatically generates an assembly animation as well as a ready-for-upload Web page. To view the assembly-step video, a user simply clicks on each step of the instruction set.

End users can view the animation even if they do not own any IPA software. By downloading the IPA Web view for free from the Immersive Design web site, users can also manipulate their view of the model.

One of Immersive's customers saw a greater than 80% reduction of calls into their tech support hotline after posting assembly instructions on their Web site.

With the IPA Highlight application in v.6.0, users can review animations of the design and its specific characteristics from the native IPA files and add feedback in the form of prioritized notes associated with a part, sub-assembly, or the full assembly.

Additional Details...Contact: Greg Smith, Immersive Design, 43 Nagog Park, Acton, MA; FAX: (978)266-1881;

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