Ionics EMS' Plug Computer / Nimbus 200

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April 10, 2010

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Ionics EMS' Plug Computer / Nimbus 200

IONICS' Plug Computer is an innovative, disruptive Computing platform(Mainframe A"WorkstationsA"Desktop A"Notebook A"Plug Computer). A high performance full computer in a compact wall plug andalways-on (5W power only), the applications for the Home and Small BusinessServer are innumerable, limited only by one's imagination. Several plugs variedapplications form a farm: dedicated HomeFile Server (with remote access); multimedia server for DLNA-enabled players(iPhone, etc); Web Proxy server; storageof home video surveillance streams; automate downloads/uploads to popular photosharing websites; anti-virus; print server and more.

The Plug Computer as a software development kit is a unique platformfor software application developers, providing open source-based developmenttools and documentation. With an open forum for developers to share ideas andknowledge, traditional open source application development is made accessibleto a mass of base at lowest cost and greatest convenience. Applicationsdeveloped can be easily deployed globally and delivered through thisplugged-in-the-wall-and-play computer device. This transforms how computerserver software and hardware can be distributed to what is now an easy reach ofsmall companies and even startups. Wifi, Bluetooth, Z-wave, Zigbee and LTEmodules can be added to enable more applications. Unlike traditional PCs usedfor home and small business servers which are big, costly and unwieldy tooperate, the Disruptive Technology of the Plug Computer lowers the server cost,size and power consumption to unprecedented levels. Software solutions aredeployed in a creatively different way that is easy and amazingly cheap.

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