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September 6, 1999

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Large digits give long view

The 87 Series large-digit, programmable production displays can furnish data for viewing over plant-wide distances. Manufacturing performance can be monitored on the display or reported back to a host computer. Programmable features permit a user to tailor the display for specific applications. "A fully pre-emptive, multitasking kernel allows full data acquisition while tacking and displaying up to 12 variables, all while using an 8-bit microcontroller," says Engineering Manager David Schmid. Basic operations use dip switch settings. Advanced applications use free Windows-based Display-Pro(R) software to simplify setup. Red, yellow, and green LEDs form displays 4, 6, 8, or 12 inches high, and a tricolor option features automatic color changes as process parameters change. RS-232 port is standard and an optional RS-422 communication card allows networking multiple displays into a data acquisition network.

Vorne Industries: Product Code 4811

Monitors feature USB hub

TFT color LCD monitors, PanoView 741 (14.1 inch) and PanoView 751 (15.1 inch), are equipped with a USB hub having one upstream and four downstream connections. According to the company, most LCD displays only offer two such downstream connectors. The direct analog interface design of the monitors requires no special circuit card. A special pivot on the 751 allows viewing documents in either landscape or portrait format and the three degrees of freedom in the pivot can provide a more ergonomic design for a viewer. LCD-panel viewing angles are 60 degrees right/left and 45 degrees up/down for the 751, and 40 degrees right/left (minimum) and 15 degrees up/25 degrees down (typical) for the 741.

TX Opto: Product Code 4812

Flat panels accept digital, analog inputs

The VP151 and VP181 ViewPanels are the first 15- and 18-inch LCD flat panels to incorporate digital, analog, and video inputs in a single display, the company says. The panels feature a 20-pin MDR video connector for compatibility with the VESA Digital Flat Panel (DFP) standard found in some PCs or video cards. The flat panels are forward compatible with Intel's Digital Visual Interface (DVI) standard, the industry's future universal standard supported by the Digital Display Working Group. DVI provides a high-speed digital connection for visual data that is display technology independent. Five inputs are available on the displays: two digital, two analog, and one video. The displays are compatible with USB- compliant peripherals and also support worldwide video standards (NTSC, PAL, and SECAM).

ViewSonic: Product Code 4808

Chip-on-glass slims LCDs

An addition to the VitriumTM family, the G4 is a 1/4 VGA liquid crystal display. Chip-on-glass technology bonds the slim-chip LCD driver circuits directly to the surface of the glass, for an overall thickness of 2.2 mm, 25-grams weight, and increased reliability by elimination of standard quad FlatPak chips or drivers mounted to a circuit board. The key, according to Seiko Instruments Mike McLachlan, LCD manager, is a heat- and pressure-activated anisotropic conductive film (ACF) adhesive, containing gold and nickel particles, that provides a more reliable, 5V contact-resistance bond than solder-based wire or flip-chip bonding. Designed for telecommunications, PDA, and GPS markets, the G4 is geared for battery applications with its -10 to 60C temperature range and power supply requirement of 3V dc while drawing ,1 mA. The 320 @ 240-pixel display can be used in either a landscape or portrait mode. A designer's kit is available.

Seiko Instruments USA: Product Code 4809

Work within 3D models

The Immersive WorkRoomTM is an encompassing display system that permits a group of users to collaborate within a computer-generated virtual environment. Four Electrohome Marquee Ultra CRT projectors are used and the system displays an image for the left and right eyes which creates a 3D effect when viewed through stereo shutter glasses. The Immersive WorkRoom runs on a Silicon Graphics Onyx2TM InfiniteReality(R) visualization supercomputer. The system uses VLIBTM, the company's virtual library software that interfaces with common CAD and computational fluid dynamics software. Fakespace President, Jim Angelillo, notes, "We found that users also look for practical and functional features, such as ergonomic details and conveniences. The system includes a transitional vestibule, in-room storage, input devices that automatically retract when not in use, and floor access panels."

Fakespace: Product Code 4813

Software simulates display interfaces

VAPS software supplies a suite of tools for specifying, testing, simulating, and deploying visual, real-time, interactive 2D graphical user interfaces. The package automates development of data- and event-driven graphical human-machine interfaces (HMI) and applications. According to the company, a user can intuitively draw objects, specify data-driven animation, connect to applications data, and specify event/response behavior. An Aerodef option provides the HMI objects needed for aerospace and defense applications. Friedemann Kuhn of DaimlerChrysler's research division, who used VAPS to prototype the new S-Class car's center-console matrix display, says, "Using VAPS tools to prototype these displays, we decreased our development time by six months."

Virtual Prototypes: Product Code 4810

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