Balver Zinn introduces two new lead-free solders

DN Staff

October 30, 2009

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Balver Zinn introduces two new lead-free solders

An article in EMT World notes that Balver Zinn will introduce two lead-free solders based on the Iowa State Patent at the Prodcutronica trade fair in Munich November 10 - 13.

First is the i-SAC 387 Solder, which adds Cobalt (Co). The company notes the melting characteristic of silver containing alloys has been improved with the addition of Cobalt. The solder also includes Germanium (Ge), which was added to play the role of an antioxidant, preferentially reacting with oxygen to protect the solder from the oxidation that results in the formation of dross.

Balver Zinn will also introduce the Tin Silver based i-SAC 105. This solder also contains Cobalt, which was added to improve the melting characteristic of the silver. This solder was designed to produce low-priced, bright and shiny solder joints and a fine grain microstructure even with a low addition of silver.

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