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April 10, 2010

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The STEPPER-STICK is a full-featured Stepper Motor Controller + Drivebuilt into a USB Stick. The StickMeasures 2 x 1 x 0.5 inch and can provide 0.25A of motor current if powered by the USBBus or up to 0.5A if powered by an external power source. The controller performs fully profiled moveswith control of acceleration, velocity and position. Additional rich features include quadratureencoder feedback, 4 Analog and Digital inputs, 2 On/Off power outputs, programstorage, and a built-in logic sequencer that can loop, branch and control thestepper/outputs based on status of inputs. The STEPPER-STICK is designed forultimate ease of use. Only a PC, astepper motor and the STEPPER-STICK are required. The user needs to wire only four contacts forthe stepper motor and plug the STEPPER-STICK into a PC. An engineer unfamiliar with Motion Controlcan have a stepper motor spinning intelligently in less than half an hour. The STEPPER-STICK is an introduction to thecapability and programming language for a family of more conventional productsat AllMotion. This family of products allows an engineer to progress to an OEMapplication with ease. Most designs with this functionality occupy about 10Xthe volume of this drive. Products ofsimilar volume have only the "driver" and depend on the PC to perform the "controller"function. The STEPPER-STICK boosts the5V from the PC to 15V and has a Bipolar Drive - similar products are typicallyUnipolar and 5V. The STEPPER-STICK has all intelligence built in, and onceprogrammed can operate with no computer attached. In addition to Motion Control, the STEPPER-STICKhas other capability such as Analog Inputs, Digital Inputs, and On/Off PowerDriver Outputs useful in performing real world applications.

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