Teardown: Is HP's Z820 Too Good to Be True?

DN Staff

March 4, 2014

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Teardown: Is HP's Z820 Too Good to Be True?

HP's flagship workstation is called super upgradeable, and touts "tool-free serviceability." Join us to see if this machine is too good to be true, or just what the doctor ordered!

Full disclosure: Generally speaking, iFixit will only perform a teardown on a device it's sourced itself through normal retail channels. This gives the team the most unbiased, fair assessment of a device, without giving manufacturers a chance to pretty things up for our repairability scanners.

So when HP offered to loan iFixit its pride and joy for the teardown altar, it was a bit hesitant. But in the end, the team couldn't resist the chance to get inside this monster and see how it compares to Apple's new fancy mini-tower, the Mac Pro. We told HP to come as close as possible to Mac Pro's $3,000 starting price, so it's not so much of an Apples to Oranges comparison.

Click on the HP Z820 below to start the slideshow.


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