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Let’s Give Thanks to These Technologies on ThanksgivingLet’s Give Thanks to These Technologies on Thanksgiving

We owe a lot to these tech advances that enrich our daily lives year round.

Spencer Chin

November 21, 2023

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  • Here are technologies that have enriched our lives.

The yearly Thanksgiving holiday is a time for family, friends, eating, and wonderful memories. It is also a time to give thanks for our health, well-being, and all the privileges we are afforded. It is also a time to give kudos to the many technology advances that make preparing a meal, selecting entertainment, recording events, and reaching out to others easier and more enjoyable.

None of these advances are possible without the hard work and creativity of engineers and their know-how. 

When you sit down for the Thanksgiving meal, don’t forget to give thanks for the technology that has enriched your lives over the years. The following gallery mentions just a few of these advances.

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Spencer Chin

Senior Editor, Design News

Spencer Chin is a Senior Editor with Design News, covering the electronics beat.

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