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March 25, 2002

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Both the single point ULS-50 Series and the multi-point ULS-60 Series employ solid-state, ultrasonic technology. ULS-50 units feature submersible IP68 housings made of PFA Teflon(R) or polypropylene, suited for liquid applications, particularly light coated or scaled ones. ULS-60 Series general-purpose non-contact level controllers come in two versions of 3.6 inches to 12 feet. Both switches are made for use with acids, semiconductor process chemicals, inks, slurries, oils, and petroleum distillates.

Gems Sensors, www.gemssensors.com. Enter 590

LCD modules

The F-51373 series of .25-VGA passive matrix STN LCD modules feature three panel variations, including transflective highly reflective, transflective highly transmissive, and transmissive, all with white LED or CCFL backlighting. LCDs combine transmissive color filter materials with high color purity and a metallized reflection enhancement layer in a 3.8-inch diagonal viewing area. Applications include measurement, hand-held test, wireless devices, remote controllers, and diagnostic and monitoring devices.

Optrex America Inc., www.optrex.com. Enter 591


The MQ-1168 Multimedia Platform Controller is designed as an integrated circuit solution that purportedly provides extended battery life, better audio and video playback, and faster system performance for PDAs, Smart Phones, and mobile devices. This chip offloads multimedia and peripheral operations from the CPU, using less power. Included with the chip are Hardware Accelerated Resource Engines, made for battery-operated, small footprint devices.

MediaQ Inc., www.mediaq.com. Enter 592

Solenoid drivers

MK72 Intrinsically Safe Solenoid Drivers, suited for intrinsic safety applications, reportedly provide usable power for hazardous areas, which also makes a brighter shine for intrinsically safe LED pilot lights. Fourteen different models feature output circuit voltages ranging from 12 to 26 Vdc, with out- put current from 22 to 70 mA. The models require no external grounding due to galvanically isolated output circuits and 19-29 Vdc inputs.

TURCK Inc., www.turck.com. Enter 593

Sensor blocks

The WAGO Series270 terminal blocks feature a reportedly vibration-proof CAGE CLAMP connection for conductors and 2-way through 17-way jumper system versions for power distribution. The terminal is designed with front-entry wiring and small jumper slots that are made to protect the non-insulated push-in jumper bar from accidental contact. Available with a status-indicating LED and three locations for marker cards, terminal blocks are used in minimal space applications, such as control panels or junction boxes.

WAGO Corp., www.wago.com. Enter 594


Engineered to measure current, voltage, frequency, and thermocouple temperature, the CL123 multifunction calibrator features a 4- and 5-digit display, with a temperature of 0 to 50C and less than 85% relative operating/storage humidity. The device measures frequency range of 1 to 62500 Hz, 0 to 100% input, and basic accuracy of .025%. Calibrator includes type K thermocouple, test leads, 9V battery, and an external battery pak.

OMEGA Engineering, www.omega.com. Enter 595


The company's High Speed Serial Data Connector 2 product family consists of an adapter receptacle, a board-mount receptacle, the Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) module, and cable assemblies. Designed for minimal space with InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, and Gigabit Ethernet protocols, the connectors operate at 2.5 Gbps and are scalable to 5.0 Gbps. Connector applications include computers, storage devices, switches, servers, and Internetworking equipment.

Molex Inc., www.molex.com. Enter 596

Backplane extensions

Electrical backplane extensions for 2.5 Gbps traffic over 20 meters are intended to lower cost for building optical switching systems. Extensions combine the company's high speed I/O capabilities with W.L. Gore & Associates' EYE-OPENER(R) Plus cable technology. Data transmission works with copper cables. Applications include backplane extensions for shelf-to-shelf connectivity.

Velio Communications, www.velio.com. Enter 597

Ballast design

The IRPLCFL3 ballast reference design for dimmable compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) is intended to save up to 75% in energy consumption by replacing incandescent lamps. A standard ballast control integrated circuit (IC) allows for CFL dimming with a phase-cut triac dimmer. According to the company, the design reduces flicker for maximum output through 10% brightness. No application-specific IC is necessary.

International Rectifier, www.irf.com. Enter 598

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