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April 22, 2002

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Terminal blocks

The QUiX-COMBICON insulation displacement, printed circuit board terminal blocks are busable and pluggable. Made as a time-saver for "daisy chain" wiring applications, they are available with 5-mm pin spacing, 10A at 300V, and in 2 through 6 positions. Plug is suitable for multiple printed circuit board wiring. Phoenix Contact, www.phoenixcon.com. Enter 668

DPSS lasers

PowerGator(TM) 355-10 industrial-grade DPSS lasers deliver 10W average power and greater than 100 GW/cm2 peak power intensity. The system microfabricates high aspect ratio features in hard materials more than 1 mm thick. Short 15 ns pulses and 355 nm (UV) improve plasma penetration. Other features reduce heat-induced effects, microcracking, and redeposition of material, yielding higher quality surfaces. High beam quality permits high focusability for feature sizes below 10 microns, critical for a number of micromachining applications. Lambda Physik, www.lambdaphysik.com. Enter 669


Molecular test biochips measure approximately 1/4 cm2. Each biochip contains 128 homogeneous "wells" that are 100 microns in diameter. Biological mini-probes can be linked to these wells, effectively allowing 128 miniaturized different tests on a chip. The electronic circuits fabricated on the same chip are used to replace optical analysis of samples with measurements of electric currents depending on the test samples' properties. The result is a reportedly smaller-than-average optical system. Infineon Technologies Corp., www.infineon.com. Enter 670

Switching controller

The FAN4822 PFC controller is an average-current boost-type device that functions with power supplies of 500W or more and employs zero-voltage switching (ZVS) control circuitry. This circuitry is designed for efficient operation at high switching frequencies. The continuous boost architecture allows designs to achieve a power factor up to 98%. Fairchild Semiconductor, www.fairchildsemi.com. Enter 671

Dc/dc converters

The company's non-isolated dc/dc converters, the 30-66W Open-Frame UNR Series, are made into an open-frame package that combines buck topology with an integrated-metal-technology package. Converters offer 20A of 1.5, 1.8, 2.5, or 3.3V current from a 5V input. Measuring less than 0.5 inch, it features SMT components, thermal-clad pcb materials, and an anodized-aluminum heat sink. DATEL Inc., www.datel.com. Enter 672

Wire harness

Capital Manufacture(TM) and Capital Factory(TM) are the two new software tools that are used in the development of Capital Harness Systems, the electrical wire harnesses designed for the automotive and aerospace industries. Capital Manufacture is intended for complex wire harness configurations. Capital Factory suite simplifies complex wire harness fabrication and production. Mentor Graphics, www.mentor.com. Enter 673

Slide switches

The CS series of anti-static, power-rated slide switches are designed to resist 12 kV of electrostatic discharge, making them suitable for applications in audio devices, household appliances, electronic controls, and telecommunications. According to the company, the epoxy-sealed terminals keep out contaminants. Made with straight PC terminals and in single or double pole, the switches reportedly have a mechanical life rated at 50,000 operations and electrical life rated at 20,000 operations. NKK Switches, www.nkkswitches.com. Enter 674

Data center support

PowerStruXure is a data center infrastructure solution consisting of a modular, uninterruptable power supply; zoned power distribution; and a rack enclosure. Featuring modular building blocks, the infrastructure is adaptable to changes in power and voltage requirements, rack power density, and datacenter size and location. System is available for data room/intermediate frame/main distribution frame/wiring closet, medium to large data centers, and large data center/facility applications. American Power Conversion, www.apc.com. Enter 675

Ethernet switch

Modular Industrial Communication Equipment (MICE) Ethernet/Fast Ethernet switches combine network management tools, redundancy features for high availability, and modular media plug-ins for versatility. The compact switches are DIN-Rail mountable, include redundant 24V power supplies, and are compatible with 10BASE-T, 10BASE-FL, 100BASE-TX, and 100BASE-FX. The switches will accommodate twisted pair, single mode, or multimode fiber optic connections. Hirschmann, www.hirschmann-usa.com. Enter 676


The CLF-II calibrator is used to connect to loop powered transmitter inputs, and for transmitter calibration, with loop current read-out and 24V dc power supply. Designed to convert input into output signal and provide input and output readings simultaneously, it also powers, reads, and simulates digital sensors and 2-wire transmitters. Other calibrator offerings include stop-watch pulse counting and flow reading scale factors. OMEGA Engineering, www.omega.com. Enter 677

Float switches

These liquid level float switches are top- or side-mounted in small spaces, suited for level control in food and beverage, petrochemical, chemical processing, and marine applications. Featuring a 240V ac/200V dc maximum switching voltage, they include horizontal devices with a pivoting arm float and vertical devices with a cylindrical float. Designed in plastic or metal models, the switches reportedly resist harsh chemicals, high temperature and pressure, and electrical interference. Orange Research Inc., www.orangeresearch.com. Enter 678

VF drive

IP76 rated, the INTERBUS-compatible variable frequency drive (VFD) provides a solution for applications requiring speed control of three-phase motors. The stainless steel enclosure makes this VFD model line well suited for the food and beverage industry. These drives are rated for 480V ac and offer a local, lockable disconnect switch. The base mounts to the machine, making the drive unit pluggable for servicing. Easy to read, local LEDs inform the service personnel about current status or fault conditions. Phoenix Contact, www.phoenixcon.com. Enter 679

WLAN amplifier

High-speed, 5.7 GHz RF power amplifier is designed for use in wireless LANs and to support the emerging 802.11a standard for wireless communication applications. The amplifier can be used in wireless LAN point-to-point communications, automotive telematics, and a variety of other short-range wireless applications. Incorporating an innovative design and specialized packaging, this amplifier offers 10 dB gain, 4W of output power, with output power at 1dB compression (P1) of 36dBm typical. SatCon Technology Corp., www.satcon.com. Enter 680


The 276 relay series is rated at 35A for both UL and IEC codes (SEMKO). This includes a 35A, 250V ac, 50 Hz, AC-1 SEMKO rating for all contact configurations, NO and NC. The relay is available in SPST, SPDT, DPST, and DPDT contact configurations. This series will be available in dc coil voltages of 6- through 125-V dc. Deltrol Controls, www.deltrol.com/controls. Enter 681


Major defense contractors for applications currently use the DPC Series flex circuit connectors where the physical architecture for introduction of sensor suites is extremely limited. Total size of the DPC device can be custom-designed to fit within an area less than one inch long. It can be utilized in sensor, guidance, or electronic counter-measure systems used on air-to-air, air-to-ground, land based, or sea-launched missile and guided munition platforms. Armel Electronics Inc., www.armelelectronics.com. Enter 682

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