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May 6, 2002

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Tactile switch

The KSR-NC normally closed tactile switch, designed especially for wireless companies, is intended to enable designers to use a switch, instead of software or electronics, to integrate the reverse function into products. Measuring 6 x 3.6 x 2.5 mm, the washable switch is intended for uses with density and component size constraints. Applications include portable electronic devices and vehicle entry remote controls. ITT Industries, Cannon, www.ittcannon.com. Enter 607

Signal conditioners

With two new signal-conditioning modules, engineers can add control capabilities to portable or low channel-count data acquisition systems. The SCC-CO20 is a single-channel isolated current output module that delivers up to 20 mA and features a safety working isolation of 300V per module. The SCC-RLY01 is a single-channel relay module that connects one input to one output for switching external devices. The module delivers one SPDT relay capable of switching 5A at 30V dc or 250V ac. National Instruments, www.ni.com. Enter 608

Rotary encoders

The company's series of absolute singleturn and multiturn rotary encoders are designed to equip servomotors as small as 20 mm with absolute encoders. Used in robotics, production automation, and handling technology applications, the encoders feature absolute position value, available after power interruption or upon switch-on. The EQN 1125 multiturn rotary encoders incorporates a gear transmission to separate revolutions. Heidenhain Corp., www.heidenhain.com. Enter 609


The 5-Watt PSA-05R Series adapter, designed for PDAs, MPEG players, digital cameras, and other electronic devices, features replaceable power plugs to connect nearly any power outlet in the world. Weighing 4 oz. and measuring 2.8 x 1.8 x 1.4 inches, the adapter may have a single output with 3.3 to 12V range or a worldwide line voltage of 90 to 264V ac. Phihong USA, www.phihongusa.com. Enter 610

dc/dc converters

Offering 6A output current, the 3-module V7PB-06B Series non-isolated dc/dc converters are made with 1.5, 2.5, or 3.3V single output, as well as 5V input voltage. They offer an industrial version with a temperature range of -40 to 85C, and an optional remote sense for low output voltages. The reported thermal performance, undervoltage lockout, and fixed-frequency operation suit the devices for computer, telecommunications, and industrial automation applications. Bel Fuse Inc., www.belfuse.com. Enter 611

Industrial computers

The company's line of industrial computers offers two new models with a built-in 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port, a processing power range of 266 to 533 MHz, and a choice of 12- or 15-inch LCD TFT displays. One model has touch panel versions, while the other is wall mountable and industrial hardened for use in control cabinets. Integrated power supplies are designed, with temperature and load monitoring, to offer power on a PCI/ISA bus to several expansion cards. Phoenix Contact, www.phoenixcon.com. Enter 612


The PIC18F6X20 and PIC18F8X20 Flash microcontrollers reportedly are the first of their kind to break the 1 Mbit memory barrier. Offering 64 and 128 Kbytes of Flash memory respectively, they provide 1024 bytes of EEPROM data memory and 2 Mbytes of linear address capability for the computing, industrial, telecommunications, and consumer industries. Other features include field self-programmability, large data arrays and memory for text storage, and a high feature peripheral set. Microchip Technology Inc., www.microchip.com. Enter 613

Spectrum analyzer

Designed as an addition to the company's line of microwave measurement solutions, the FSU26 Microwave Spectrum Analyzer features the company's General Purpose Instrument Bus (GPIB) transfer speed, its Fast Fourier Transform-based filters, and its digital RBW implementation. With an operating range of 20 Hz to 26.5 GHz, the analyzer may be used in third-generation mobile technologies and satellite applications. Tektronix, www.tektronix.com. Enter 614

Distribution box

The M12 Distribution Box consists of stainless steel reportedly for chemical resistance of acids and alkaloids. Designed to protect connectors and interconnect components from harsh cleaning agents, the distribution box features a temperature rating of -20 to 80C, a custom design, and fully potted construction for applications with wash-down, high-pressure needs. It also includes eight M12 ports with dual channel capability, a molded control cable, and LED power and signal status indication. Lumberg Inc., www.lumbergusa.com. Enter 615

Level switches

The company's liquid level float switches provide a level control alternative in the petrochemical, chemical processing, marine, and food and beverage industries. Intended for top or side installation in small spaces, the chemical-resistant switches are available in plastic and metal models to withstand high temperatures, pressures, and electrical interference. According to the company, the normally open switch operation may be changed to normally closed operation. Orange Research Inc., www.orangeresearch.com. Enter 616

Rotary switches

The MR series of miniature low-profile rotary switches measure a half-inch in diameter, are washable and PCB mountable, and are available in single, double, and four poles. Molded-in and epoxy sealed terminals reportedly prevent contaminants from entering the switches. Featuring an interior housing seal, a polyamide cover, an exterior rubber washer, and double-flatted bushing, the switches are intended for communication, industrial/commercial, and computer uses. NKK Switches, www.nkkswitches.com. Enter 617


The MQ-1168 Multimedia Platform Controller is designed as an integrated circuit solution that purportedly provides extended battery life, better audio and video playback, and faster system performance for PDAs, Smart Phones, and mobile devices. This chip offloads multimedia and peripheral operations from the CPU, using less power. Included with the chip are Hardware Accelerated Resource Engines, made for battery-operated, small footprint devices. MediaQ Inc., www.mediaq.com. Enter 618

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