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November 18, 2002

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Low-power MCU

The power-efficient 16-bit M16C/26 microcontroller is an ultra-low power MCU for performance up to 20 MHz for commercial, automotive, and industrial applications. By integrating a voltage down converter, the unit can operate at a full-rated 20 MHz across a wide voltage range of 3.0-5.5V, a key for applications like gas, water, and electric meters, as well as remote security systems. Hyper New DINOR flash technology is not affected by process variations because it creates memory cells; MC16C flash memory MCUs handle 100,000 erase/write cycles. Mitsubishi Electric, www.mitsubishichips.com. Enter 634

Connector system

The VHDM-HSD 5-row module-to-backplane connector system achieves up to 5 Gbytes/sec of bandwidth per signal pair. Ground planes between signal columns provide tightly controlled impedance for rise times down to 50 picoseconds ensuring low crosstalk between signals within and between columns. Applications include servers, routers, switches, and storage and transmission equipment. Molex Inc., www.molex.com. Enter 635

Fast PCMCIA device

The DAQCard-6036E is reportedly the manufacturer's fastest PCMCIA data acquisition device and is used to automate portable measurements. It offers 16-bit analog input on 16 single-ended or eight differential channels and two 16-bit analog output channels. Engineers can synchronize the device with others using programmable function inputs. The unit features onboard temperature sensor and temperature drift protection circuitry. National Instruments, www.ni.com. Enter 636

Infrared calibrator

The BB701 hot/cold blackbody calibrator is designed for rugged use in infrared pyrometers. It has a range of -19-149C and reportedly provides a stable, repeatable cold calibration point to test instruments. The unit needs no ice bath and enables users to calibrate any pyrometer with a spot size diameter of 63.5 mm or smaller. Models come with RS-232 computer interface and traceable calibration certificate. OMEGA Engineering, www.omega.com. Enter 637

Short-body sensors

Ex-protected versions of IM08, IM12, and IM06 advanced short body inductive proximity sensors have high switching distances and frequencies despite their small shapes. The sensors are protected against shock, and dust and dirt; conform to NAMUR; and are designed for material handling, machine tools, and other systems. They have no moving parts and no contacts, detect metal objects, and come in shielded and non-shielded versions. Sick Optic-Electronic, www.sickusa.com. Enter 638


A real-time oscilloscope series captures four, full-bandwidth signals and provides sample rates of 20 Gsamples/s per channel. The series is available in 4 to 6 GHz. According to the manufacturer, when units are paired with the industry's fastest probes-InfiniiMax active probes-at 3.5 to 7 GHz, the system is ideal for verifying the performance of high-speed digital products. With up to 32 Mbytes of memory per channel, these oscilloscopes capture more information up to and after the event. Agilent Technologies, www.agilent.com. Enter 639

DPDT relay

A low-profile DPDT relay with standard and latching coil is available, measuring 5 x 9 x 14 mm. T Series coil voltages range 3 to 48V and will switch 30W dc, 62.5 VA ac at 125 V dc or ac at 1A. Units are UL and CSA rated; mechanical life is engineered for 100 million cycles. Hasco Components International, www.hascorelays.com. Enter 640

Wireless connectivity

Opto 22 and Nokia offer wireless connectivity to business asset data through GSM/GPRS networks using Nokia's M2M platform. Opto 22's SNAP-IT product connects to and monitors business data systems and equipment like manufacturing machinery, telecommunications gear, storage tanks, and generators. The process captures data, delivers it to databases and applications, and manages systems in the process. Opto 22, www.opto22.com. Enter 641

High-frequency switch

A slide switch capable of handling high frequency applications is reportedly the first ever successfully manufactured. The FS switch is designed for wireless, test, measurement, and medical industries, and can handle high frequencies over 30 MHz. It offers an alternative to the relay and standard switch, providing a barrier to interference. The switch is rated 0.4VA max. at 28V ac/dc min. NKK Switches, www.nkkswitches.com. Enter 642

Robotic cable systems

Fully assembled robot dress pack, or umbilical systems, offer all the necessary components for robotic activation, including power, data, and media. The systems increase the life expectancy of cables and hoses up to 10 times, while helping prevent breakdowns. The system-posts, brackets, boots, and umbilical-absorbs kinetic energy and is custom made to application. All critical cables are housed within the reinforced shell. LEONI Tailor-Made Cable USA, www.leoni-tailormadecable.com. Enter 643

PEM fuel cell

The PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) fuel cell, with a power of about 300 kW, electrochemically combines hydrogen and oxygen to form water and generates electricity and heat without producing any pollutants. In the PEM fuel cell, the membrane is a solid polymer proton conductor that operates at 212F. The fuel cell delivers power instantly without any pre-heating. Applications include ground transport, shipbuilding, cogeneration, and standby power systems. French Technology Press Office, www.helion-fuelcells.com. Enter 644

Precision amplifiers

The 1.8V series of precision operational amplifiers are reportedly ideal for battery-powered applications like sensor amplification, signal conditioning, data acquisition, and handheld instrumentation. The OPA363 and OPA364 amp series feature low offset and low quiescent current (750muA/ch max). Features include rail-to-rail output swing within 5 mV of the rails, micro-size packages, 7 MHz bandwidth, and 6V/musec slew rate. Texas Instruments Inc., www.ti.com. Enter 645

Space-saving relays

Four families of industrial solid-state relays are designed for DIN rail or panel mounting and have integrated heat sink and diagnostics. The relays, designed for heat control, motor control, and process control offer input and output transient suppression. Zero-cross and random turn-on models are available. Teledyne Relays, www.teledynerelays.com. Enter 646

Inertial sensors

Low-acceleration inertial sensors offer flexibility of design for force change systems like game pads and vehicle roll-over detectors. Low-gravity inertial sensors-accelerometers-that range from 1.5 to 8g are designed for OEM or embedded systems measuring forces of shock, tilt, vibration, movement, or acceleration. Features include X- and Y-axis sensitivity, Z-axis sensing, 3D sensing, self-testing, and small profile packages. Motorola, www.motorola.com/semiconductors. Enter 647

Visible laser sensor

World-Beam(TM) QS30 pushbutton laser sensors feature a visible beam for ease of alignment and offer long-range capabilities at distances up to 400 mm for Class I and 700 mm for Class II. The optical design permits use through transparencies. QS30 sensors also detect features like threads on bolts or inside tapped holes, and are reportedly ideal for edge, end of material, and over-height detection. Units have manual adjustment modes for fine tuning. Banner Engineering Corp., www.bannerengineering.com. Enter 648

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