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February 18, 2002

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Columbia Model 8064-M10 Accelerometer, intended for use with military and commercial helicopters and aircraft, combines an isolated piezoelectric seismic system with a current mode signal conditioning electronics package. Reporting a 25 mV/g nominal vibration sensitivity, it reportedly maintains an output of less than 100 ohms with a 2 to 3 kHz measurement frequency range.

Columbia Research Laboratories, www.columbiaresearchlab.com. Enter 631


The Series 500 KPSI transducer features an SDI-12 serial-digital interface, designed for remote environmental monitoring applications. It combines a microprocessor and EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) used in compensation algorithms. The transducer claims an accuracy rate of plus or minus 0.05% FS total error band with on-board surge protection.

Pressure Systems, Inc., www.psih.com. Enter 632

Rotary sensor

The 9900 Dual Output Hall Effect Rotary Sensor is designed with two sensors in one package, intended to resist harsh off-highway conditions and industrial applications. Featuring a programmable, custom-configured Hall chip set, it includes two independent outputs to compensate for gain, slope, offset, and temperature. Sensor also includes housing with an integral connector, mechanical life rated to 35 million full cycles, and an operating temperature range of -40 to 85C.

BEI Duncan Electronics, www.beiduncan.com. Enter 633

Analog sensors

The SUPERPROX(R) Model SM906A-8 Series of 30 mm analog sensors are designed to offer 8-inch deadband and 203 mm to 8m span, in a small package. The factory configurable sensors feature 118 mm housing length for mounting in tight space applications. A 20-degree beam and 75 kHz frequency allow users to control levels of liquids, granules, and solids, while an epoxy transducer face allows for sensor operation in harsh environments.

Hyde Park Electronics Inc., www.hpsensors.com. Enter 634

Light curtain

Unlike traditional light curtains, the F3SN-A Type 4 safety light curtain contains all of its features within the light curtain, controlled by a handheld programmer. Featuring sequential floating blanking, it tracks the order of broken beams, intended to create safer floating conditions. According to the company, up to three of these safety light curtains may be serially connected. Applications include Category 4 safety systems in the robotics, automotive, machine tool, and packaging industries.

Omron Electronics Inc, www.omron.com. Enter 635

Connection box

PLUSCON-SACB connection box offers quick disconnect, pluggable connectors for sensors and actuator valves with a fast start-up, due to only one cable. Available with IP 67 protection, the sensor/actuator boxes come in four, six, and eight M12 slots.

Phoenix Contact, www.phoenixcon.com. Enter 636

Welding system

The nonlinear, dual-head moving optics laser welding system is designed for two gantries to be welding at the same time on the same part. The system is fully automatic, with a laser-directing seam tracker and in-line weld-geometry profile-cameras.

Schuler Inc., www.schulergroup.com. Enter 637

Analog converters

The C.A.I.S. UNI family and the C.A.I.S.-E family of 22.5 mm wide, DIN rail mounted analog converters are made to accept input signals and supply standard voltage and current outputs. The five multifunction units of the C.A.I.S. UNI models reportedly convert current, voltage, thermocouple signals, and resistance temperature devices (RTDs) to standard process levels. The C.A.I.S.-E family consists of four multifunction analog signal converters and a number of single function models.

Entrelec Inc., www.entrelec.com. Enter 638

Flow signal conditioner

Interfacing directly with the company's FP-9000A series LIGHTSPEED(TM) paddlewheel flow sensors, Model FLSC90-A fiber-optic signal conditioner is suitable for operation in harsh environments with heavy electrical noise. It uses a semi-flexible duplex fiber-optic cable to send a high intensity light to the patented paddlewheel sensor. A 4-20 mA or 1-5 V dc analog output connects light pulse measurement to the company's process meters, dataloggers, controllers, or data acquisition systems.

OMEGA Engineering, www.omega.com. Enter 639

Ethernet switch

The five-port Industrial Ethernet Switch, made to operate in hot and cold environments, uses dc power from control cabinets, eliminating the need for ac outlet transformers. DIN-rail or direct panel mounted, it works by automatically knowing where an Ethernet device is situated and sending messages through the correct port, allowing for real-time deterministic control and minimizing network loading. Ethernet switch functions in temperatures between -40 and 85C.

WAGO Corp., www.wago.com. Enter 640

Supplementary protectors

Allen-Bradley 1492-SP Series C supplementary protectors preserve load devices like solenoids, controllers, power supplies, and control transformers from harmful power surges. Protectors feature 0.5 to 40A current range, built-in fault detection, and less generated energy, leading to less wire heating and less downstream component damage. Suitable applications include those involving power-limited circuits and control circuits.

Rockwell Automation, www.rockwellautomation.com. Enter 641

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