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January 22, 2001

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Interchangeable memory

LP-Stack(TM)DDR Series interchangeable memory devices use this company's TSOP stacking technique to provide reportedly twice as much memory density without electrical or mechanical redesign. The product line is said to be fully compatible with JEDEC PC200/-266 double data rate synchronous DRAM, and have data rates up to a reported 266 MHz and system-level bandwidth up to 2.1 Gbytes/sec.

Dense-Pac Microsystems , 7321 Lincoln Way, Garden Grove, CA 92841; FAX (714) 897-1772; www.dense-pac.com.

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Electrical connectors

Size 12 contacts capable of supporting 40 amperes per contact have just been added to this company's line of Power Connection System products. The contacts have a large surface area mating system, and are said to be hot pluggable to 25A per contact at 250V ac. The male contacts are shrouded for safety against contact with high voltage when the connector system is disconnected.

Positronic Industries , 423 N Campbell Ave., Springfield, MO 65806; FAX (417) 866-4115; www.positronic.com.

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42V relay

FBR580 relays from this company have 42V coils and 1.4 mm contact gaps for switching high current loads. Designed for controlling lamps, motors, and solenoids in cars and trucks, the product has a carry current capacity of a reported 20A/3 minutes. In single contact configuration, it is said to have a maximum switching current of 9A, 42V dc, and is rated at 6A, 42V for 30,000 operations (locked motor load).

Fujitsu Takamisawa America Inc. , 250 E Caribbean Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94089; FAX (408) 745-4971; www.fujitsu. takamisawa.com.

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PCB headers

Surface-mountable PCB headers from this company are said to improve solder joint strength in a wide range of PCB applications through enhanced capillary action of reflowing solder. The capillary action of the reflowing paste is said to draw the header down tightly to the PCB, creating a thinner and stronger solder-joint, with a reported 50% higher retention force than other designs.

Zierick Manufacturing Corp. , Radio Circle, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549; FAX (914) 666-0216; www.zierick.com.

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Power supply

This company's IR4007 is a 200V Integrated Switched Mode Power Supply IC, with a fully avalanche-characterized MOSFET built in. This feature is said to simplify circuit device, since it allows the device to handle momentary power surges above its rated voltage. The product also has unique input and output feedback circuits, and two operating modes for efficient power conversion and flexible circuit design.

International Rectifier , 233 Kansas St., El Segundo, CA 90245; FAX (310) 252-7100; www.irf.com.

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Bluetooth chip

CTR1000 Series PLL modules combine this company's high frequency VCXO and VCO hybrid and crystal technologies. The product is said to provide a stable low reference frequency that can be generated into a very stable high frequency output. The products are said to be highly flexible, customizable, and available in output frequencies from 1.544 MHz to 2.488 GHz.

Champion Technologies , 2553 N Eddington St, Franklin Park, IL 60131; www.champtech.com.

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RTD transmitter

658T dual-channel RTD transmitters from this company feature "digital pots", which are said to simplify calibration for faster installation and maintenance. The pots are actually momentary decrease/-increase toggle switches which are said to precisely set zero and full-scale values in one step. The product accepts universal RTD or resistance-input signals and outputs proportional DC current signals.

Acromag Inc. , Box 437 30765 S. Wixom Rd., Wixom, MI 48393; FAX (248) 624-9234; www.acromag.com.

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Power supply

TP-HES15 wall mount and desktop switching power supplies from this company are available with up to 3 outputs with total output power of up to 15 or 16 watts, with an input voltage of 90-265V ac, universal. Available configurations include desktop with IEC inlet, grounded and not grounded N.A. wallmount, European, and U.K. wallmount. Input current is 0.4A at 115V ac and 0.2A at 230V ac.

Total Power International , 418 Bridge St., Lowell, MA 01850; FAX (978) 453-7395; www.total-power.com.

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Circuit adapter

Correct-A-Chip(R)Adapters from this company now include a limited series of pitch switch adapters which are said to allow conversion of 64-pin 0.5 mm TQFP to 0.8 mm QFP. The products are made of 301 full hard stainless steel, with an operating temperature range of up to 105 C, and are designed to be used when switching package styles of the same IC, or with multiple component replacement of a chip.

Aries Electronics , Box 130, Frenchtown, NJ 08825; FAX (908) 996-3891; www.arieselec.com.

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