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October 1, 2001

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Cable assemblies

ModulUS3 offers a platform of pre-engineered coax, cable, and termination options. The basis for the platform is two true coax configurations that completely shield signal lines to provide consistency and signal protection compared to other non-coaxial constructions. The entire interconnect system maintains crosstalk at less than -30 dB at 10 MHz on finished assembly to fall below acoustic crosstalk found in many transducers.

Precision Interconnect, www.precisionint.com.

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High Flux LED illuminators, known as the Shark Series, reportedly offer the combined benefits of high lumens, reliability, and a small form factor. These illuminators are targeted for applications requiring a high-intensity light source and advanced thermal packaging that allows the series to run at high currents to ensure extended reliability. Specifications include: static operation current of 300 to 800 mA (depending on color); a half power beam angle that is plus or minus 54 degrees typical; and an operating temperature range of -40 to 100C.

Opto Technology Inc., www.optotech.com.

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High shock- and vibration-resistant sensors feature either a stainless steel, brass, or composite material media interface suitable for hostile marine environments. Pressure ranges are available from 0.5 to 8,000 psi sealed gage, gage, or absolute, based on application criteria. These high-accuracy, cost-effective sensors operate on 5V dc and provide a 0.5 to 4.5V dc output signal where current output (4-20 mA) may be specified.

Kavlico, www.kavlico.com.

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The Micromaster 440 is a vector-controlled frequency converter that is said to expand the company's converter range by power ratings up to 75 kW. In addition to the integral EMC filter, it also has an integral braking chopper. The converter has clear connections, is simple to start up, and is easily integrated into the Totally Integrated Automation concept via a Profibus interface, according to the company. The product is available in six sizes ranging in power range from 0.12 to 75 kW.

Siemens, www.siemens.com.

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Machine vision system

The CV-700 machine vision system uses RealEyesSM Shade-Scale Technology to boost recognition and detection that the company claims is nearly that of the human eye. Shade Scale processing recognizes differences in hue and intensity of shade levels more accurately than conventional monochrome systems, the company says, and features a 32-Mbyte Compact FlashMemory Card to record up to 128 inspection settings. Other CV-700 features include sub-pixel measurement, a plug-in memory card for storage expansion, and an analog output for data recording.

Keyence Corp. of America, www.keyence.com.

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Surge suppressors

STABILINE(R) Transient Voltage Surge Supressors are suited for mission-critical and transient exposure Category A, B, and C industrial, medical, and broadcast applications. Models are available for full rated current capacity to 300,000A and are typically installed in service entry panels, large distribution panels, and non-service entrance distribution panelboards. Features include an advanced suppression filter assembly said to enhance current sharing by minimizing impedance, "all modes protection" to safeguard all electrical modes, and either standard or advanced monitoring.

Superior Electric, www.superiorelectric.com.

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SafetyBUS p is a safe open fieldbus system for decentralized applications from light curtains to safety gates. These applications are reportedly economical because they integrate diagnostic functions that allow a reduction in wiring that increases flexibility for changing requirements, and decreases downtimes for plant and machinery. SafetyBUS p can be expanded up to 64 nodes and more than 1,000 safe I/Os.

Pilz Automation Safety, www.pilzusa.com.

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Models 2230D and 2230DM1 triaxial accelerometers are lightweight, miniature sensors with a temperature range of -67 to 500F. The devices use the company's PIEZITE(R) Type P-8 crystal elements, operating in annular shear mode, to provide output sensitivity stability over time. Each device is specifically designed for vibration measurement in three orthogonal axes on small structures for applications such as automotive engines, turbines, and heat exchangers.

Endevco Corp., www.endevco.com.

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MediaTrak(TM) 8 is a two-channel, medium-size, one-piece surface raceway with a double latching cover reportedly suited for both communications and electric cabling run simultaneously with a barrier separation. The product features fittings that have a 1.25-inch minimum bend radius accommodating all copper and fiber cable bend requirements. Corner fittings snap over the channel and maintain cable separation, and outlet boxes are available in single- and double-gang versions.

Hubbell Inc., www.hubbell-premise.com.

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The KPSI (TM) Series 735 submersible level transducer provides plus or minus 0.05% static accuracy. Available in pressure ranges from 0-2 psig through 0-100 psig, these 1-inch diameter units feature on-board electronics that provide outputs of 4-20 mA or 0-5V dc. Optional lightning protection is possible for both voltage and current signals.

Pressure Systems Inc., www.psih.com.

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The PHX12-475, a valve regulated Lead-Tin battery designed for high-rate applications, uses absorbent glass mat (ACM) technology to retain acid between plates and enhance battery cyclability during normal UPS operation. The product's gas recombination technology eliminates the need for a special battery room. The battery needs no venting under normal operating conditions and it can be installed close to sensitive electronics. It is available in pre-wired cabinets or traditional racks.

EnerSys Inc., www.enersysinc.com.

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I/O modules

The INTERBUS Rugged Line I/O product family combines a rugged zinc die-cast housing with single-channel diagnostics and an IP67-protection connection for either fiber-optic or copper network interfaces. The modules are INTERBUS compatible and consist of IP67 protection, digital input, digital output, and combination input/output modules. The I/O signals are connected using M12 initiator connectors.

Phoenix Contact, www.phoenixcon.com.

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Board mating interfaces

Designers can mate pc boards in the same plane through a wide range of interconnects. On 0.05-inch pitch, headers and sockets are available to satisfy a variety of applications. Surface-mount and through-hole headers and shrouded headers mate with right-angle sockets with pin outs on 0.05 inch or 0.025 inch for high density. For 2-mm pitch applications, surface-mount and through-hole headers and sockets are available for parallel board connection.

Samtec Inc., www.samtec.com.

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RFI chokes

Common-mode RFI/EMI noise suppression chokes, designed for through-hole pc board mounting applications, feature a compact design that uses less board space. The design is reportedly suited for through-hole applications, such as cases where a very dense component array limits component size. Available with current ratings from 0.3 to 5.0A, the chokes suppress any form, or any combination, of common-mode and differential-mode noise. Maximum operating voltage is 250V ac rated at 40C.

Schaffner EMC Inc., www.schaffner.com.

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Surface mount fuse

The 435 Series fuse incorporates a low-profile design and thin-film technology to achieve precise control of electrical characteristics. Manufactured in a 0402 chip size and measuring only 0.041 x 0.02 inch, the 435 Series is useful for space-sensitive design opportunities. It provides an operating voltage of 24V ac-dc and is UL and CSA approved. It is engineered in ratings from 0.25 to 2A.

Littelfuse Inc., www.littelfuse.com.

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Rotary switches

Snap-Action rotary switches supply continuous ratings ranging from 20 to 200A at 600V and are available with up to 4 positions and 12 poles. The switches feature fully enclosed decks, double-wiping contacts, low-contact resistance, and good performance characteristics under conditions of extreme shock or vibration. All snap switches can be equipped with four-hole waterproof mounts.

Electroswitch, www.electroswitch.com.

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The FDB06AN08A1 UltraFET(R) Trench MOSFET is designed for high-current starter/alternator, electronic power steering, valve timing, and other 42V automotive battery applications requiring full device capability at low gate drive voltages. Employing a patented trench topology, the FDB06AN08A1 die is tiny, which is significant in the starter/alternator application where a large number of devices must be paralleled to accommodate starting currents of up to 1,500A.

Fairchild Semiconductor, www.fairchildsemi.com.

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PowerPC board

MPC860T PowerPC-based 3U VMEbus processor board card is suited to meet the demands of the industrial automation industry in applications where a significant number of serial interfaces are required. The VMP60 is equipped with the Motorola PowerQUICC MPC860T processor, which operates at 80 MHz. It offers a Fast Ethernet (100BTx) interface and can serve up to six serial ports. The combination of 3W low-power dissipation and extended temperature range from -400 to 850C lowers the system's power supply.

PEP Modular Computers Inc., www.pep.com.

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