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December 3, 2001

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Zenon(TM) is a programmable universal controller said to address the latest security requirements for electronic music distribution. This highly secure microcontroller, built around an ARM7TDMI 16/32-bit-microprocessor core, supplements the MASF product line of audio processors. Security-sensitive data is typically stored in external memories, making these codes susceptible to reverse engineering. Zenon reportedly solves the problem with a 256 Kbyte, on-chip flash memory-the System Protection Unit-that prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data, disables all debug interfaces, and protects the device against attack.

Micronas GmbH; www.micronas.com.

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MiniGate(TM) series of advanced switches are said to achieve high-speed propagation delays while maintaining low-power dissipation. The NLAS4599 analog switch reportedly has the ability to self-diagnose where electrical signals should be directed. When the cell phone is plugged in, this switch allows the signal to run while dissipating almost zero power; when the cell phone is unwired, the switch automatically directs the signal out.

ON Semiconductor, www.onsemi.com.

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Terminal block

PIVOT BLOCK(TM) terminal feature tool-less IDC termination. Tools are not required, wiring errors are reduced, and an IDC contact allows multiple contact cycling. Applications for this electronic surge-supression system include HVAC, process controls, and power supplies.

Tyco Electronics, www.tycoelectronics.com.

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Single-board computer

The BL2000 Wildcat is said to offer Ethernet connectivity in a low-cost, high-performance, single-board computer. Available in four configurations-two with Ethernet, two without-all BL2000 models feature up to 28 digital I/O (including 5 or 7 dual-purpose analog or digital inputs), 3 RS-232/485 serial ports, and a Rabbit 2000(TM) microprocessor at 22.1 MHz.

Z-World, www.zworld.com.

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HM73 Series self-shielding inductors are available in 16 standard ratings from 0.1 to 8.2mu H in a surface-mount package. According to the company, the higher current rating in these inductors enable the use of fewer inductors to meet the requirements for microprocessor applications. Ultrathin rectangular wires reportedly increase conductor density of the coil 20% over round-core wires, and also provides lower dc resistance and higher efficiency.

BI Technologies, www.bitechnologies.com.

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Automotive door/window system

One-Touch Up(TM) is a convenience feature for door/window assemblies that uses an indirect detection system to automatically monitor window regulator motor speed and direction. When an obstacle enters the path of the automatically closing window, a force of less than 100N triggers the motor to reverse direction, lessening serious injury. The system also includes safeguards to avoid misreversal under irregular road conditions, hardened circuitry to protect against sudden voltage drops, and smart thermal-overload protection to minimize motor overheating.

Brose North America Inc., www.brose.de

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The PowerSite(TM) automated power semiconductor attachment process is said to enable direct mounting of power semiconductors onto heat sinks without mechanical fasteners. This process selectively bonds insulated copper pads onto aluminum heat sinks, allowing TO-220 or TO-247 power devices to be solder-mounted. Benefits are said to include improved thermal performance to lower device junction temperature, a reduction in heat sink size, and elevation of power capacity or an increase in the ambient temperature rating.

Parker Hannifin-Chomerics, www.chomerics.com.

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Control system

Powerful processing, programmability, and connectivity features said to bring greater functionality to the I/O level are available in the SNAP Ultimate I/O. This system reportedly combines I/O, control, networking, and enterprise connectivity into a single cohesive system with a built-in ability to acquire and distribute data within the I/O itself. The product features a 10/100 Mbps auto-negotiating Ethernet interface and pure TCP/IP transport.

Opto 22, www.opto22.com.

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DynaMiTe(TM) MTK-20850 eight-line ADSL chipset is said to be designed for high-speed, high-density, power-efficient broadband access equipment. It features eight fully functional multi-mode ADSL modems integrated within three chips, and uses 1W per line for a reduction in power consumption. Each of the eight ADSL interfaces is capable of both full-rate G.DMT and G.Lite operation using the embedded multimode software provided with the chipset.

Alcatel USA, www.alcatel.com.

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The PowerSmart(R) PS401 Accuron(TM) smart battery manager claims to integrate all rechargeable battery-monitoring functions on a single IC, resulting in smaller implementation and lower solution costs for an SBS-compliant battery device. The company claims the PS401 reduces the smart battery circuit-board size up to 50% by integrating several key features within the IC, such as a 15-bit integrated A/D converter which contributes to a .1% total capacity reporting error. In addition, the PS401 offers the design engineer a high degree of flexibility to program application-specific features into 12 Kbytes of the available 12 Kbytes of OTP memory.

PowerSmart Inc., www.powersmart.com.

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Terminal block

Designed to allow circuit testing without disconnecting wire, the Knife Edge Disconnect Series has been added to the taris family of terminal blocks. These products are said to feature built-in test points with a lever disconnect switch and to use taris IDC technology for a fast and reliable connection, reducing wiring time up to 60%. A top-mounted knife-edge disconnect switch allows users to test or calibrate a circuit without disrupting existing wiring.

Wieland Electric Inc., www.wielandinc.com.

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TAC-microchip Series features a device that is said to improve the capacitance of technology in microminiature 0402 size-2.2 microfarads at 3V to 0.47 microfarads at 10V. This reduction in size enables design engineers to add higher capacitance parts to existing circuits, or to use smaller package sizes to further miniaturize their circuits. In addition, this device uses a construction of tantalum chip, together with high CV tantalum power, to provide high-capacitance density.

AVX Corp., www.avxcorp.com.

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Optical system

Telecentric Zoom 100 Optical System is reportedly designed to solve problems in the metrology industry by allowing highly accurate non-contact measurement of parts that may have height variations. The ability to accurately measure parts, regardless of field position, is due to low distortion in the system-less than 0.1% throughout the entire zoom range. The system has an entrance pupil at infinity and also has an adjustable iris that is mechanically linked to the zoom mechanism, with an F/# at the back of the zoom.

Optem Int'l., www.optemintl.com.

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A low-cost waterproof miniature-sealed switch is said to provide no added steps-such as potting, assembly, or additional materials. In order to meet a variety of specifications, the device has eliminated from its design six or seven parts found in conventional snap-action switch technology. This switch is constructed of stainless-steel gold-plated base metal and thermoplastic polymer and uses a molded gasket and silicone waterproof cover.

Micro Contacts Inc., www.microcontacts.com.

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Steer-by-wire module

The company's steer-by-wire module is a total system solution that is said to combine intelligent sensor technology with plug-and-play component pack-aging. In basic terms, when the operator turns the steering wheel, the sensors can determine how far the driver has turned the wheel and in which direction; a signal sent to the control unit then tells the truck wheels how to respond. These units provide industrial vehicle (e.g., tractors, forklift trucks) manufacturers with increased productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced vehicle performance.

SKF USA Inc., www.skfusa.com.

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