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October 15, 2001

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Pressure transducer

Model 950 and P104 self-contained crystal type pressure transducers include built-in amplifiers. The design combines a piezoelectric sensing element and solid-state, impedance matching circuit or amplifier in a small package. Constructed of 316 stainless steel for corrosive environments, these measuring systems allow direct readout and/or recording of pressure surges or blast without the need for additional digital conditioning equipment. Designed for pressure ranges to 7,500 psi with an over pressure to 10,000 psi, the transducer achieves typical frequency responses between 5 Hz and 19 kHz.

Columbia Research Laboratories, www.columbiaresearchlab.com.

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Tri-axial accelerometers utilize a piezoelectric-crystal composition to provide simultaneous measurement of acceleration in three mutually perpendicular axes. These units feature, in addition to the new crystal composition, patented detachable low-noise cable assemblies. The 600-TX Series accelerometers were developed for laboratory, aerospace, nuclear, military, and industrial applications where space is critical, accessibility is difficult, or minimum size and weight are required to prevent loading of the test specified. The standard 500-TX Series units are for general uses including test work, industrial controls, and OEM applications.

Columbia Research Laboratories, www.columbiaresearchlab.com.

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Pressure transducer

The Model A-105a is a flush-diaphragm, miniature pressure transducer that delivers an internally amplified 1-5V dc, 1-10V dc, or 4-20 mA output signal. It has an integral voltage regulator and accepts an excitation of 1-6 or 1-11V dc. The flush diaphragm is welded and measures 0.355 inch in diameter. This design creates zero dead volume and makes the A-105a useful for operations that involve the robotic spraying or application of paints or other media that can clog conventional pressure ports.

Sensotec Inc., www.sensotec.com.

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Voltage tester

The Vol-Con(R) Elite voltage/continuity tester combines the best attributes of a solenoid tester with the advanced safety capabilities and higher test accuracy afforded by digital circuitry. Due to its digital design, the Vol-Con Elite does not heat up over extended periods of use and virtually eliminates the possibility of the tester creating a spike in the line. The unit also includes a vibration mode comparable to that on a solenoid tester.

Ideal Industries Inc., www.idealindustries.com.

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JITO-2 Just-In-Time oscillators provide frequency stability of plus or minus 25 ppm over a temperature range of -400 to 850C and a stability of plus or minus 20 ppm over a temperature range of -200 to 700C. Production quantities can be shipped in 10 days for any standard or custom frequency from 340 kHz to 250 MHz. These fourth-generation programmable oscillators come in all-metal 8- and 14-pin DIP, ceramic and plastic surface mount packages. The units also feature a choice of 3.3 or 5V supply voltages and PECL or CMOS outputs.

Fox Electronics, www.foxonline.com.

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Programmable header pins

As an alternative to DIP switches, Series 675 DIP program headers offer X and Y programming in the header itself. The headers can be individually programmed to remove interconnecting sections using 4-16 pins. Leaving in or removing interconnection sections provides an almost infinite number of programs. A low-profile cover protects from contaminants. Standard header materials are red UL 94-HB glass-filled nylon and high-temperature headers from black UL 94V-0 4/6 nylon. All header pins are brass alloy with plating. Plating is either tin for an operating temperature of 221F or gold over nickel for an operating temperature of 257F.

Aries Electronics, www.arieselec.com.

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The SE Series low-profile dc-ac inverters, for powering LCDs backlit by a single cold cathode fluorescent lamp or CCF tube, measure only 0.42 x 0.75 x 2.98 inches. The devices are vacuum-encapsulated, making the inverters resistant to harsh environments such as extreme heat or cold and condensation. In addition, since only the pins are exposed, high-voltage considerations on the pc board are reduced. The SE Series provides up to 5W of output power and features external PWM dimming.

Endicott Research Group, www.ergpower.com.

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Transistor insulator

The RTC series is a high-temperature transistor insulator. Withstanding temperatures up to 130C, this insulator fits most applications. The design insulates the tab of a transistor package from the screw holding the transistor tab down, producing a heat sink for consistent heat transfer.

Richco, www.richco-inc.com.

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Load cell

The model 41a is a tension/compression load cell with an internally amplified 4-20 mA or 0-5V dc output. The "pancake" design provides space savings, and standard units are available in ranges from 0 to 5 through 0 to 500,000 lbs. This cell has non-linearity of plus or minus 0.1%, hysteresis of plus or minus 0.08%, and repeatability of plus or minus 0.03% with a full-scale deflection of 0.003 inch. The operating temperature range is from -20 to 185F. All-welded, stainless-steel construction offers resistance to side load, bending, and torque.

Sensotec Inc., www.sensotec.com.

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The multifast(R) wiring components are fully molded cordsets, extensions, and receptacles that are available with 12-, 16-, or 19-pin connectors in right-angle or straight styles. These cables resist UV, ozone, flame, oil, moisture, temperature differential, and abrasion with PVC, as well as a foil shield for EMI and RFI protection. Components are rated IP67 with a temperature range of -40 to 221F. The connectors have large pins and solid nickel-plated coupling nuts. Applications include light curtains, PLCs, en-coders, and machine tools.

TURCK Inc., www.turck.com.

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Laser sensors

PicoDot(R) class 2 laser sensors provide both convergent beam and retroreflective mode models with environmentally sealed housings. Both versions use a 650-nm visible red sensing beam, provide a 200-microsec response time, and have 50-microsec repeatability. Convergent beam models, offered in 2-, 4-, and 8-inch focal lengths, provide a 0.01-inch sensing spot. Retroreflective models have a narrow sensing beam for focal lengths from 8 inches to 35 ft. Measuring 1.68 x 0.60 x 1.93 inches, these sensors meet IEC IP67 and NEMA 6 ratings, and have an operating temperature from 14 to 113F.

Banner Engineering Corp., www.bannerengineering.com.

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Data converter

The ADS8322 is an analog-to-digital converter for use in optical networking, medical equipment, sonar equipment, high-speed data acquisition and spectrum analyzers. Requiring 85 mW of power at the full 500-kSPS speed, the converter includes a 16-bit, capacitor-based, successive-approximation register with inherent sample-and-

hold and an internal 2.5V reference. It offers a 16-bit parallel interface or an 8-bit option where data is read using two read cycles and 8 pins. With unipolar input and 0-5V input range, the converter functions in temperatures from -40 to 85C.

Texas Instruments Inc., www.ti.com.

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Connector system

The VHDM HSD 8-Row connector system is designed to give 2.5 to 5 Gbit/sec speed in daughtercard to backplane applications. Using a 0.079-inch pitch between columns that include vertical male headers and right-angle receptacles, the system uses three pairs/column to achieve a signal density of 37.5 pairs/inch. Maximum length of a daughtercard connector on a single stiffener is 12 inches for 450 differential pairs. To make longer connectors, multiple stiffeners can be joined. Headers are offered in 10 and 25 column lengths (30 and 75 pairs). The design is said to keep crosstalk low, and to promote signaling with rise times as low as 50 picosec.

Molex Inc., www.molex.com.

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Frame grabber

Viper CamLink uses an Intel i960 RISC embedded processor and PCI interface device with up to 64 Mbytes of memory to capture data at rates up to 160 Mbytes/sec. Supporting resolutions from 32 x 32 to 64k x 64k, the frame grabber buffers images during busy cycles on the PCI bus. Supporting digital cameras with up to eight 8-bit taps, or four 10-, 12-, or 16-bit taps, this frame grabber also supports 8, 10, or 12 RGB digital output cameras. The design enhances bandwidth to MAMBA-100 beyond 132 Mbytes/sec with a 32-bit data transfer bus. Operating with Sapera, a hardware independent imaging library, Viper CamLink includes greater than 300 image processing and analysis functions. Applications include semiconductor and machine vision inspection processes.

Coreco Imaging, www.coreco.com.

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Device controller

Two USB device controllers, the ML60851D and the ML60852A, enable peripheral connectivity at rates up to 12 mbits/sec. The ML60851D has three transfer modes: control, bulk, and interrupt. The ML60852A has four modes: control, bulk, interrupt, and isochronous that can also be used as a bus powered device. Development support tools include evaluation boards, with or without MCU, compiler, sample firmware and documentation. Both models have USB transceivers and double-layer FIFOs, and are capable of 8-bit or 16-bit DMA transfer. Applications range from laptops, desktop PCs, printers, digital still cameras, and storage devices to scanners, computer mice, cell phones, MP3 players, network adapters, and test and medical equipment.

Oki Semiconductor, www.okisemi.com.

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The CR3110 current transformer offers 3,000 turn secondary capacity with a rated 60A continuous primary current. Designed to attach around a current carrying wire without interruption, this transformer operates in 50/60 Hz systems with 6-inch #18 PVC wire leads. It has an internal voltage suppression device that clamps the output voltage to 7V, providing an output signal proportional to the input current with plus or minus 2% accuracy. The window opening accommodates up to 0.35-inch diameter wires. Operating temperature range is 0 to 60C and case size is 1.5 x 1 x 1 inch for this model.

CR Magnetics, www.crmagnetics.com.

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SMT pins

The 0.025-inch2 LittleFoot(TM) pin design provides consistent pin-to-pad alignment and superior solder-joint pull strength due to the stamping process and bow-tie design of the foot. There are 10,000 pins on a 15-inch reel. Available in copper, tin, or lead to meet special requirements such as pin length and other custom features, the pins are suitable for creating "data pin" connectors in space-constrained SMT applications.

Autosplice, www.autosplice.com.

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Optimized for 48V switch-mode power supply systems, the new 300V family of fast recovery epitaxial diodes include 8, 15, and 30A devices. A breakdown voltage of 300V allows the diodes to provide a sufficient safety margin for 48V systems without adding a snubber circuit. The diodes are said to have 50% lower reverse recovery current with smaller forward conduction losses and lower reverse recovery time, and run up to 4 degrees cooler. Applications include telecom and datacom.

International Rectifier, www.irf.com.

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Network controller

The IPMicro8932 chip is an enhanced transmission-control protocol controller with SlipNet(TM) and a 10BaseT Ethernet interface in a 64-pin package. The controller uses 32 I/O bits and supports a 4MB external flash RAM, user programmable, web content file system. The design is said to be a low-power, compact, flexible, and reliable solution that is suitable for intelligent panels and cables, network routers, and gateways.

Ipsil, www.ipsil.com.

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Designed to be small and power efficient, the V850ES/SA2(TM) and SA3(TM) are 32-bit, single-chip, RISC microcontrollers. The devices operate at 2.2V and consume 30 mW of power at 2.5V. While maintaining a performance of 21 MIPS at 17 MHz, these devices are said to provide a power ratio of 700 MIPS/W. They have 256 Kbytes of flash memory and can be reprogrammed from a single power supply for evaluation and upgrading. Additional memory includes 256 Kbytes of ROM and 16 Kbytes of RAM. Applications include battery-operated two-way radios and audio players.

NEC Electronics Inc., www.necel.com.

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Battery servicing

The CASP/2500 services emergency battery packs, often used to power emergency lighting on aircraft, feature several automatic functions such as charging, discharging, capacity verification, and recharging. The system can recognize most common types of batteries and can be programmed to receive those types of batteries it cannot readily identify. The CASP/2500 can also assist when commissioning new battery packs placed into service for the first time.

Marathon Power Technologies, www.mptc.com.

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