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November 5, 2001

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The MPC8241 and higher speed MPC8245 are two new members of the Smart Networks Platform integrated host processor family. Both chips are based on the PowerPCTM architecture and are aimed at applications needing system-on-a-chip integration and PCI connectivity, such as embedded computing, control boards, and image displays. The MPC8241, to be offered in 166 and 200 MHz versions, comes in a new 357-pin plastic ball-grid array (BGA) package for reduced cost and board-space. The MPC8245 comes in 333 and 350 MHz versions in a more rugged package. Processors come in quantities of 10,000, and individual prices are approximately: for the MPC8241, $19.89 for the 166-MHz and $22.95 for the 200-MHz devices; for the MPC8245, $45.60 for the 333-MHz, and $48.93 for the 350-MHz versions.

Motorola, www.motorola.com/smartnetworks.

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USB dual switch

A family of products combines 3.3V low-dropout regulators and dual-power switches in a single chip for use in USB and portable applications. These combination devices provide power management for USB bus-powered hub and peripheral products such as keyboards with mouse extensions or smart card sockets. The units can save up to 60% of board space over some two-chip solutions. The switch produces 3.3V of regulated output from a 5.0V input with 200 mA of continuous current for USB controllers and other circuitry.

Texas Instruments, www.ti.com.

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The OCX1601 Digital Crosspoint Switch(TM) is an SRAM-based integrated circuit with aggregate data bandwidth of 128 Gbits/sec. It features a non-blocking 80 x 80 I/O switch matrix configuration, delivering a total of 160 configurable I/O ports. This high level of port density, combined with a low power consumption, suits the component to digital video routing and production switchers that handle high-bandwidth data streams. The OCX supports high-bandwidth data streams at line rates up to 1.6 Gbits/sec per port.

I-Cube Inc., www.icube.com.

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Cable assemblies

EYE-OPENER(R) 2-mm cable assemblies use expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) as the di-electric core for the digital interconnect cables. The helically wrapped ePTFE core ensures constant impedance throughout the entire length of the cables, regardless of flex. The stackable, wafer-style 2-mm connectors are available with polarization, keying, and latching. When terminated with VHDM(TM) and VHDM-HSD(TM) connectors, the cable assemblies provide higher direct-to-backplane data rates and a wide eye-pattern.

W.L. Gore & Associates, www.gore.com.

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Data collector

The Enpac(TM) 1200 handheld data collector performs simultaneous two-channel data acquisition. Additionally, the Enpac supports add-on features such as off-route data collection and a two-plane balancing application. Available in two different models, it is used primarily to gather vibration data in a wide variety of process industries including pulp and paper, food and beverage, and power generation.

Rockwell Automation, www.rockwellautomation.com.

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Ethernet controller

The uPD98433 Ethernet controller combines 10 Mbytes/sec, 100 Mbytes/sec, and 1 Gbytes/sec Ethernet MAC functions compliant with international standards and 8 ports. It reduces data loss when transmitting and receiving, even when all 8 ports are connected to a gigabit Ethernet. This is due to a 128-bit x 125 MHz high-speed bus interface for transmission and reception to and from the upper layer processor. The clock supply to unused ports can be cut, lowering the power consumption.

NEC Electronics Inc., www.necel.com.

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Terminal blocks

Eurostyle-plug terminal block with spring clamp may be unplugged without unwiring for replacement of faulty or damaged electronics. With horizontal and perpendicular spring actuation slots, the device offers termination options in many orientations. To minimize mismating, the system offers a polarizing feature and blind-mating capabilities. A dual beam female contact enables repeatable, gas-tight connections.

Molex Inc., www.molex.com.

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IP cores

SRAM-based VariCore(TM) embedded programmable gate array intellectual property (IP) core is a front-to-back embedded reprogrammable core family aimed at reducing design risk in ASIC and ASSP SoC designs. The VariCore Developer's Kit contains an emulation board with the Chartered version of the 0.18-micron VariCore EPGA development chip for licensee circuit evaluation, debug, and test. The Developer's Kit interfaces directly with the VariCore Compiler EPGA place-and-route design and SoC interface tool.

Actel Corp., www.actel.com.

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