Electrical Electronics

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October 7, 2002

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Electrical Electronics


Used with metal storage tanks, the levelprox level-detection sensor does not require an access port to determine liquid levels inside a metal-walled tank. Ultrasonic technology allows the sensor to detect through metal tank walls from 1 to 15 mm thick, making it suitable for such applications as wastewater treatment, chemical handling, oil or lubricant storage, and food or beverage production facilities. TURCK Inc., www.turck.com. Enter 589

Ball grid array

The FDZ2552N and FDZ2553N dual N-channel and FDZ2552P and FDZ2554P dual P-channel 20V MOSFET ball grid array (BGA) products are designed for Li-ion battery pack protection applications. Packaged in a 4-x 2.5- mm surface mount BGA housing, it has a common drain connection, a 10-mm2 footprint, a profile of 0.8-mm maximum mounted height, and topside heat sinking. BGA products are suited for industrial equipment, computer/EDP, and wireless communication products. Fairchild Semiconductor, www.fairchildsemi.com. Enter 590

Serial converters

Intended for scientific laboratory research use, the NI USB-232 and NI USB-485 serial converters communicate with up to 31 serial devices by transforming a USB port into asynchronous serial ports. Available in two or four port configurations, the serial converters feature high-speed data throughput of up to 230.4 kb/s and up to 460.8 kb/s respectively. The transceiver mode may be automatically detected or specifically selected from data terminal equipment (DTE) or data communication equipment (DCE). National Instruments, www.ni.com. Enter 591

Modeling toolset

Made to support Microsoft Windows(R) and UNIX(R), the Integrated Circuit Characterization and Analysis Program (IC-CAP) Release 2002 is designed to create accurate models and reduce the number of design cycles, manufacturing cost, and time to market. The modeling toolset-used by device designers, modeling engineers, and fabrication process engineers-features complete DC to RF extraction routines, nonlinear high-frequency models, large data-handling capability, and an open interface to different instruments and simulators. Designed with internal simulation engines and links to external simulators, the software platform may be used for graphical user interface, data management, and data display. Agilent Technologies, www.agilent.com. Enter 592

Panel mount relay

The UL F Class insulated 40A panel mount relay includes SPST normally open or closed contacts and SPDT versions working to 1.5 hp/240V ac. Designed with "Quick Connects," it has coils with 3-110V dc and 9-220V ac options, operating at 0.9W and 2 VA power. The relay is intended for such applications as HVAC, water heaters, pool and spa uses, large appliances, and industrial and commercial functions. CIT RELAY, www.citrelay.com. Enter 593


The KMDR-series of low profile, mini-DIN connectors features a PBT thermoplastic body and tin-plated steel shield for use in video, audio, computer, and digital equipment applications. They have a standard pin layout in 4 and 6 contact counts, as well as the GEO-port in 7 and 9 contact counts. Because the connectors are designed smaller, they are suitable for portable computers where panel size and board space is limited. Kycon Inc., www.kycon.com. Enter 594

Single-board computer

The LP3500 Fox low-power, single-board computer operates in limited power environments, such as hand-held, portable, battery-powered, and remote monitoring systems. It features built-in analog and digital I/O and requires less than 20 mA for full operation. Running at up to 7.4 MHz at different power levels, the computer may be used in pipeline monitoring, GPS/asset tracking, remote telemetry, remote data acquisition, handheld wireless devices, and electrical transmission line monitoring. Z-World, www.zworld.com. Enter 596


The PXI-4070 FlexDMM is a 6.5-digit digital multimeter (DMM) in a single-slot 3U PXI module, featuring self-calibration, offset compensated ohms measurement, and a 1.8 MS/s fully isolated digitizer mode. Delivering a reported 6 parts per million basic 24-hour dc voltage accuracy and sub muV sensitivity, the DMM has a continuously variable dc reading rate of 100 S/s at 6.5 digits to 5 kS/s at 4.5 digits. NI LabVIEW and NI-DMM driver software is said to extend the resolution. National Instruments, www.ni.com. Enter 597

(R)Pad interconnects

According to the company, its patented process for incorporating pad interconnects within an electroluminescent (EL) lamp structure provides a contact-to-contact pressure connection in small electronic hand-held devices. With no interfacing of a metal connector with a polymer substrate, the pad interconnects reportedly improve quality, in addition to eliminating assembly and connector costs. METRO MARK, www.metromark.com Enter 598

Terminal strips

The 804 Series PCB terminal strips is designed with an integrated push button release to cut down on wiring time. Featuring the Cage Clamp S connection system, it combines the advantages of both spring clamps and push wire connectors. Intended for printed circuit board applications in several industries, the 804 Series may operate with solid and stranded conductors rated at 300V and 10A, in sizes ranging from 12-28 AWG. WAGO Corp., www.wago.com. Enter 599

LCD module

The STN LCD module provides a viewing area of 13.9 x 10.6 mm, with 36 x 24 pixel resolution. Due to its small size, it operates with compact electronic devices that need to display text, graphics, or moving images in a small area. Designed with multi-color LED backlighting, it may be used in 1U rack mount units and in LED matrix and 7-segment display applications lacking information. LCD module complements the company's fully programmable IS Series SMARTSWITCH. NKK Switches, www.nkkswitches.com. Enter 600

Logic controller

The SmartRelay Series consists of small, flexible control and monitoring devices that manage automatic lighting, watering systems, access control, pump control, or ventilation systems. Designed with an on-board display and keypad, it features a control unit that combines programming and display functions, as well as CPU modules with 12 built-in I/O points. Expansion modules include three combination I/O modules with 4 input and 4 output points, and a 2-input 24V dc analog module. IDEC Corp., www.idec.com. Enter 601

Pluggable relay

The Flare MOVE Series of pluggable terminal block relays, used for industrial and automation controls, offer signal isolation and conversion with PLCs and remote I/O systems. Made 6.2 mm thick with built-in dc polarity and standard LED indication, the relays are available in 12V dc, 24V dc, 110V ac/dc, and 230V ac/dc. Relays include SPDT contact configurations rated for 250V ac nominal and 400V ac maximum at 6A. Wieland Electric Inc., www.wielandinc.com. Enter 602


The iMEMS(R) ADXRS gyro is reported to be the first commercially available device to integrate signal processing electronics and an angular rate sensor onto one piece of silicon. Combined with the company's iMEMS surface micromachining process, it provides immunity to shock and vibration. It may be used to improve accuracy of GPS/navigation systems, set off automobile airbags during rollover, and stabilize moveable vehicles and platforms. Analog Devices, www.analog.com. Enter 603

Processor board

The VMP2 is a VME processor board engineered for space-limited industrial applications. It includes the MPC8245 Kahlua II microprocessor with a PowerPC MPC603e core, operating at 330 MHz. Requiring 5.8W of power, the new processor board provides 450 Mips of performance and direct soldered 64-bit, 133 MHz SDRAM. Its PCI Expansion Interface works with up to two stackable expansion modules and delivers one/two PMC slots in an 8 HP/12 HP format. Kontron America , www.kontron.com. Enter 604

Stacked capacitors

Providing T-level high reliability up to 120 muF and B-level standard reliability up to 270 muF, the MIL-PRF-49470 SMPS Series stacked capacitors are made to have low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) and ESL (Equivalent Series Inductance). Available with through-hole and surface-mount leads, they are typically used for high-current, high-power, and high-temperature applications in harsh environments. AVX Corp., www.avxcorp.com. Enter 605

Data analyzers

The two serial data analyzers, models SDA 6000 and SDA 5000, use the company's X-Stream(TM) technology to offer high-speed data rates up to 3.5 Gbits/sec for real time analysis. SDA 6000 includes 6 GHz signal capture bandwidth with 75 psec risetime for data rates up to 3.5 Gbits/sec, while SDA 5000 has 5 GHz signal capture bandwidth with 90 psec risetime for data rates up to 2.5 Gbits/sec. Applications include analysis of optical signals, computer design/validation, and high-speed differential electrical link testing. LeCroy Corp.,www.lecroy.com. Enter 606

Coaxial cables

The company's customized coaxial cables offer reportedly significant weight reduction and signal transmission speed up to 85% of the speed of light. Available in hybrid designs, the cables combine components such as hoses or strength members in one round, space-efficient cable. According to the company, the customized cables may operate in frequencies at the gigahertz range. LEONI Tailor-Made Cable USA, www.leoni-tailormadecable.com. Enter 607

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