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5 Technologies You Should Be Afraid Of

In the spirit of Halloween, we take a look at a few technologies that, despite all of their promise, could yield terrifying results.

Believe it or not there are scarier things than the Singularity.

While many of today's emerging technologies hold a great deal of promise, left unchecked many of them should scare us just as much as, if not more than, they excite us. Certainly there are the obvious things, military drones, killer robots, and car hacking, but there are also other innovations, some just around the corner, that could make our futures quite dark if we don't pay attention.

Enjoy your Halloween and look at five technologies you really should be afraid of.

Click through the image above to start the slideshow.

Chris Wiltz is a senior editor at Design News covering emerging technologies, including VR/AR, AI, and robotics.

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