WeDidIt Brings Gaming to the Disabled

Cabe Atwell

June 13, 2014

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WeDidIt Brings Gaming to the Disabled

The AbleGamers Foundation, which seeks to make video gaming accessible to disabled persons who struggle with using traditional controllers and games, recently launched a WeDidIt campaign. The organization seeks to raise $200,000 by April 2015 to bring the best gaming technology to the homes of disabled patients that need them most.

AbleGamers is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, public charity that was established to help disabled persons enjoy video games. AbleGamers consults game developers on how to make their games accessible to persons with disabilities, offers grants to disabled persons that cannot afford accessible gaming equipment, and organizes gaming events for the disabled community. Today, AbleGamers has the largest platform for disabled online gamers in the world.


One of the milestones AbleGamers accomplished was the development of a gaming controller that could be customized to the user's needs. The charity teamed up with Evil Controllers to make the Switchblade Adroit, a customizable controller with 19 ports that gives users total freedom over where they can place buttons, sticks, and other attachments comfortably. The Adroit comes with two joysticks and is programmable, as well. The custom unit comes at a high price, however, at $400.

While some persons simply cannot afford custom controllers, others may live in facilities that don't support gaming consoles, like VA centers, hospitals, and other living facilities. That's why AbleGamers started its WeDidIt campaign, to bring high-end accessible gaming equipment to persons that struggle with access to gaming.

Persons who want to donate to the campaign can sponsor individual gamers or donate directly on the site. Ninety-two percent of all donations go directly to AbleGamers initiatives for disabled persons.

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