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Video: Autodesk Releases Inventor HSM 2015

Cabe Atwell

April 29, 2014

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Video: Autodesk Releases Inventor HSM 2015

Attention all CNC machining inventors -- manufacturing your designs is about to get much more simple with the release of Autodesk's Inventor HSM 2015 CAM software, which generates tool paths to turn concepts into real-life designs at lightning speed.

Autodesk originally announced the software development in July 2013. It was created to give designers, engineers, and machinists enhanced capability when inventing pieces using CNC machines.

The software is claimed to generate some of the best tool paths available directly through the program. It is expected to help inventors save time and resources by offering reliable, high-quality tool paths to ensure the production of quality products.

The purchase includes a full license of the software, which is being hailed as a fully integrated CAD/CAM solution to guide inventors from the development of the products through its quality manufacture. With this, it also offers 2.5D, 3D, and 3+2 tool path options for the efficient manufacturing of complex designs.


Inventor 2015 offers full integration to Inventor users. With a similar user interface, inventors are expected to be able to fully navigate the program within minutes. The software also allows for designs to be fully incorporated into feasible tool paths that can be sent to manufacture with confidence.

Autodesk claims Inventor 2015 ensures the creation of high-quality parts through reliable, configurable tool paths. All parts are said to be made with the best surface finishes, while still allowing for customization. With this, users are also able to validate the machining procedure before sending it to manufacture to ensure all parts are created picture perfect, every time.

The updated software features a multi-core, 64-bit CAM engine with built-in support for the proper calculations of tool paths. The program also features strategizing techniques, such as Adaptive Clearing, which creates calculations that enhance surface quality, extends machine longevity, and minimizes wear and tear. The Post Processor system was also designed at lightning speed, creating CNC codes at hundreds of thousands of lines per second.

What's more, Inventor 2015 features four 24-core systems to ensure the rapid, accurate creation of complex tool paths, which support intricate, quality designs. It functions for both single and multiple tool designs.

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