Dassault Expands Portfolio With Biovia

Cabe Atwell

June 17, 2014

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Dassault Expands Portfolio With Biovia

Dassault Systemes is a dominant software company. Many professionals are using any one of its products every day to create new innovations. Just a few of its brands include SolidWorks, CATIA, DraftSight, and SIMULIA. SolidWorks is one of the industry's more dominant modeling environments, while CATIA is a PLM, which addresses the product development process. DraftSight is a free 2D CAD program targeting students and beginners, and SIMULIA automates standard simulation processes. As we can see, the products available span a wide range of industries addressing different challenges.

Now, Dassault Systemes has added a new company to once again expand its product portfolio and to address new challenges. Its newest brand, BIOVIA, will combine bio-intelligence, 3D software, and the life and material sciences of newly acquired Accelrys. (Material modeling is important; read more about it in the Proto Labs whitepaper: "Materials Matter.")

Biovia is designed to create breakthroughs in biological, chemical, and materials modeling and simulation. By combining some of the greatest professionals in the field along with Dassault Systemes' software expertise, it's aiming to create an innovative molecular modeling environment. According to Bernard Charles, president and CEO of Dassault Systemes, the combination of Accelrys's suite of applications and the 3Dexperience platform will allow Biovia to model the entire biosphere.

Biovia already has a list of more than 2,000 customers, which include Pfizer, DuPont, Shell, P&G, and L'Oreal. In addition, Boeing, Toyota, and Samsung are also taking advantage of the software by using it to develop new materials and composites. The software will help in the areas of aggressive research where productivity is slowing along with the discovery of new molecules.

The marriage between the two companies allows them to bring together two unique areas, which can create a game-changing product. As Charles explains, "Accelrys is bringing to Dassault Systemes the chemistry engine, the molecular engine, and multi-scale, hybridization of materials and biomaterials. Dassault Systemes is bringing to Accelrys system biology and bio PLM, which we have been researching on for five years with some of the most prestigious research centers in oncology. The common platform is a game-changer approach in what we can do."

The company is hoping its solutions will act as a disruptive catalyst for new innovation. Furthermore, everyone involved with the company merger is excited and enthusiastic about their future work. After all, when the boss says, "We are going to model the entire biosphere," even people outside the company begin to get excited.

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