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In Brief: Electrical/Electronics

In Brief: Electrical/Electronics

The new EYX line of snap-in, aluminum-electrolytic capacitors from Vishay Intertechnology Inc. is designed for use at high ambient temperatures and with high alternating currents, such as in the automotive, consumer electronics and telecommunications industries. These capacitors will withstand temperatures up to 125C and loads up to 400V, with an expected lifetime of 3,000 hours at 125C and 100V.

The 0.25W standby power supply from BIAS is a single component in a cubic-inch size package, designed to fit nearly any space in household appliances. Since it meets the 1W requirement for other active circuits, and supplies enough power for 3 to 15V dc functions, it's a cost-effective way to address the 5% of electricity wasted annually in standby modes, the manufacturer says. It also has a single-pulse per line cycle, full potting to eliminate noise, no need for an EMI filter, UL- and CE-compliant design, plug-in capabilities, and surge protection.

Wieland Electric's WKF 2.5 D2/8113 terminal block uses spring-clamp technology to provide fixed terminations for factory wiring, and pluggable terminations for field wiring. Its pluggable terminations allow quick connect/disconnect of test stand connections, as well as fail-safe field wiring with the use of pre-wired cable assemblies, the manufacturer says. The product mounts on a DIN rail, and is touch safe and available in a chassis-ground version, which grounds directly to the DIN rail.

Specially designed for the railway industry, Erico's Flying Lead Primary Surge Protection Device shields sensitive equipment from electrical line noise and transient surges. Unlike thermally fused devices that permanently disable all protection during and after a temporary over-voltage, this product protects electronic equipment during and after the event, the manufacturer says.

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