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Prescott's Sterile Knob Covers Molded of Radel PPSUPrescott's Sterile Knob Covers Molded of Radel PPSU

DN Staff

September 22, 2010

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Prescott's Sterile Knob Covers Molded of Radel PPSU

Prescott's Mfg.Inc.'s new line of sterile knob covers for surgical microscopes are made ofRadelA(R) R-5100 polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) resin from Solvay AdvancedPolymers LLC.

The knob covers are extensions of the microscope handle andare used to manipulate the microscope during surgery. The reusable covers comein repeated contact with medical personnel and must be sterilized after eachprocedure. Radel PPSU resin withstands repeated autoclaving - up to 1,000cycles - while maintaining its toughness and impact resistance.

Injection molded Radel PPSU provides greater productivitythan competitive thermosets, boasting a 20-sec cycle time. The PPSU resin alsooffers good processing stability, low shrinkage, and a tight-tolerance fit toclosely match the mating component. Another key feature is the material's high-qualityfeel and surface appearance which lends the part a more premium look.

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