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July 7, 1997

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Fasteners offer strength without heat treatment

MetCamTM fasteners are made from a low-carbon steel that hardens during the cold-forming process, enabling property class 8.8 characteristics without heat treatment. Property class 9.8 characteristics are achieved through a short heat-aging process. Initial testing shows the MetCam fasteners have a fatigue endurance limit 100% greater than heat-treated fasteners. In addition, they can reduce susceptibility to hydrogen-assisted failure. MetCam fasteners reduce manufacturing time and eliminate the cost of heat treatment and the bending of long parts that can occur during heat treating operations.The fasteners are available in thread sizes M5 through M12 and lengths from 20 through 150 mm. Camcar Textron, FAX: (815) 961-5345.

Studs install in thin sheets

PEM(R) Type FH4TM flush-head studs provide strong threads in stainless-steel sheets as thin as 0.040 inch (1 mm). Upon installation, the studs create a flush-head assembly and lock securely with high torque-out and push-out resistances. Made from 400 Series stainless steel, the studs are suited for use in stainless sheets with a hardness of HRB 92 or less. To install, place the studs in punched or drilled holes in the sheet and squeeze into place with any standard press. Type FH4 studs are an alternative to weld studs and are available in standard thread sizes of #4-40, #6-32, #8-32, and #10-32; and in millimeter thread sizes M3, M4, and M5. Lengths range from 0.250 inch to 1.5 inches and 6 to 35 mm. Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp., e-mail: [email protected],, FAX: (215) 766-0143.

Latch detents in two positions

An ergonomically designed handle latch detents in full open and closed positions. It provides single- or three-point latching, making it suitable to drive the company's Rod Roller Compression Latch System. The latch is available with a T- or L-shaped handle, in either a bright chrome plate or a black powder-coat finish. Other choices include locking or non-locking, and left- or right-hand latch operation. Southco Inc., FAX: (610) 358-6314.

Adhesive bonds lightweight materials

The 3M Spray-Bond Heat-Applied Adhesive System is a neat alternative to aerosols as well as contact and solvent-based adhesives for bonding foam and other lightweight materials. Users spray a pattern of 100% solids adhesive only where needed, thus minimizing overspray, saving on clean up, and protecting the work area. Spray-Bond adhesive need only be applied to one surface for an immediate bond. If more open time is required, users have up to five minutes with a two-surface application. This one-part adhesive eliminates mixing and catalyzed systems and comes with a self-contained, hand-held applicator. A 1.5-mm nozzle is standard; 0.8- and 1.2-mm nozzles and bead tip kits are optional. 3M, Industrial Tape and Specialties Div., ph: (800) 362-3550.

Screws offer electrical insulation

Socket-Drive Polytops combine the mechanical strength of steel with the electrical insulating and dielectric properties of polymers. The fasteners comprise conventional steel screws with molded bihexagonal socket drive heads. The head's polymer has a volume resistivity of 1014 cm and a surface resistivity in excess of 1014. All common screw types are available, including self-tapping, self-drilling, thread-forming, and machine-screw styles, in either zinc-plated or 304 stainless steel. Lengths range from 1/2 inch to 4 inches. The screws come in 6, 8, 10, and 12 gauge, with machine screws available in 1/4-inch diameter. Metric sizes are also available. USM Corp., FAX: (508) 988-8820.

Plugs repel electrostatic discharge

Injection-molded caps and plugs protect connectors, pins, and leads against dust and electrostatic discharge. Available in black conductive and pink static-dissipative materials, the devices are suited for use with D-subminiature, modem jack, SCSI, champ-type, threaded and non-threaded bayonet-type, and rack and panel connectors. Conductive polyethylene Caplugs offer surface resistivity of 105 ohms/square or less. Static dissipative polyethylene Caplugs are suited for clean room applications and have a surface resistivity ranging from 109 to 1014 ohms/square inch. Both Caplug types meet the MIL-B-81705C, Type II static-decay requirement. Caplugs Div., Protective Closures Co., FAX: (716) 874-1680.

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