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January 22, 2001

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Fastening, Joining, & Assembly

Magnetic couplings

Permanent-magnet hysteresis couplings, developed for applications in bottle plug mechanisms, are designed to offer wear-free overload protection. According to the company, use of hysteresis material allows a constantly gliding, slip-free overload setting. The coupling requires no external air or electricity supply; a pneumatic plug cap lifting system can be integrated.

GERWAH GmbH; FAX (254) 751-5259;

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The self-piercing rivet assembly system is designed to operate at variable speeds, while monitoring and controlling setting forces at each rivet point. The system reportedly sets as many as 60 rivets per minute, joining steel, aluminum, and composite materials up to 9 mm thick. Fiber optic controls measure sheet thickness and rivet lengths and then automatically establish the setting force for each application. The system's dual drum feeders hold up to 40,000 rivets.

Emhart Fastening Teknologies , Box 868, Mt. Clemens, MI 48046; FAX (810) 949-0443;

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Flush-head studs

FH4self-clinching flush-head studs are designed to provide strong threads in stainless steel sheets as thin as 0.040 inch (1 mm). Upon installation, the studs reportedly create a flush-head assembly and lock securely with high torque-out and pushout resistances, without risk of loosening or falling out. Made from 400 series stainless steel, the studs are designed for use in stainless sheets with a hardness of HRB 92 or less. Available thread sizes include #4-40, 6-32, 8-32, and 10-32 (M3, 4, and 5) and lengths from 0.25 to 1.5 inches (6 to 35 mm).

Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp. , 5190 Old Easton Rd., Danboro, PA 18916-1000; FAX (215) 766-0143;

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Dual-head bonders for assembling LCD modules join TAB, flex, and Heat Seal connectors to pc boards. The 4200 Series Hot Bar bonders employ parallel processing to double production throughput compared with traditional single-head units. Models have rotary or shuttle bases, and feature precision process control software. Even-temperature ceramic bars maintain shape and leadforce during bonding.

MicroJoin Inc. , 13535 Danielson St., Poway, CA 92064; FAX (858) 877-2110;

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These blind and two-piece fasteners are intended for a range of applications, from appliances and shopping carts to aircraft, boats, railcars, and vehicles of all sizes. According to the company, they never need to be torqued and are vibration-resistant, with a consistent clamp that never loosens. They come in a number of materials,

diameters, and head styles, along with pneudraulic and hydraulic powered tools.

Huck International Inc. , Box 8117 8001 Imperial Dr., Waco, TX 76714-8117; FAX (254) 751-5259;

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Comprising an overcenter fastener with a double coiled spring claw on a worm-drive adjustable band, Bandclamp model 27SPG-HT is a stainless steel, quick-release clamp with a maximum spring load of 40 kgf at 2 mm extension. Available in eight standard 45 mm diameter brackets between 70 and 375 mm, the device is intended for equipment testing, maintenance engineering, food processing, industrial light loading, and the securing of tubing, augers, cables, filter bags, and vibratory sleeves.

Protex Fasteners Ltd.; FAX (714) 549-0930;

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E4/100 modular Energy Chain and Energy Tube carriers are designed for automated applications where noise production is not acceptable, such as the automotive industry, entertainment applications, and high-speed, precision instrumentation. A "brake" system between the polymer links in the carrier eases the contact angle of the links as they bend, flex, and roll, but doesn't interfere with speed or performance.

igus Inc. , Box 14349, East Providence, RI 02914; FAX (401) 438-7270;

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