Fastener automates EMI/RFI shield assembly

DN Staff

April 6, 1998

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Fastener automates EMI/RFI shield assembly

The SMiT(TM) Shield Clip aims to automate EMI/RFI shield assembly by eliminating hand soldering. The miniaturized surface-mount interconnect device can be placed anywhere on the PCB, and eliminates the need for excess holes. It features both top and bottom entry capability, and allows the shield to be mounted on either side of the PCB.

Autosplice says the tin-/lead-plated Shield Clip offers improved solderability. It snaps into place, creating an electrical and mechanical interface between the shield and the PCB. With four independent spring contacts, it also allows for shield removal and replacement up to 15 times for rework and/or circuit tuning.

For more information contact Autosplice, 10121 Barnes Canyon Rd., San Diego, CA 92121; Tel: (800) 535-5538; FAX: (619) 535-0130; visit

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