Antifouling paint protects ship Hulls from barnacles

DN Staff

April 6, 1998

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Antifouling paint protects ship Hulls from barnacles

A French company has introduced an environmentally friendly antifouling paint to protect the bottom of ships against living organisms that attach themselves to the hull. Developed by the Laboratoire International Maritime, and unlike most antifouling products based on copper oxides, Biomarine contains no heavy metals, toxic products, or silicone. Instead, its formula is based on special acrylic resins that are transformed into a self-polishing polymer. The paint is said to have exceptional anti-static properties, and, as a result, repels micro-organisms without killing or intoxicating them. The paint can be used on steel, cast iron, aluminum, polyester, wood, zinc coating, and concrete. It lasts between two and three times longer than existing products, according to the manufacturer, and comes in blue, red, black, green, off-white, and a fluorescent version for safety on sailboats. FAX Alicia Ronan at (312) .

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