New 3D Printer Makes Tough Models

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September 10, 2009

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New 3D Printer Makes Tough Models

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The new uPrint Personal 3D Printer prints3-D models directly from CAD software, using fused deposition modelingtechnology to build models layer by layer in ABSplus thermoplastic. Printing3-D models with uPrint allows engineers to test their designs, view them inthree dimensions, then go back and iterate them. By modeling early and oftenthroughout the design process, engineers can find design flaws early, when it'sleast expensive to correct them. uPrint models are used for: proof of concept -to explore multiple concepts quickly and affordably; 3-D Mockups to evaluatenew product designs before production; and functional testing. uPrint modelscan be tested as working parts in real-world conditions. They can fit or snaptogether and hold tolerances. They can also be used for rapid tooling,specifically for vacuum forming masters.

uPrint is the first functional3-D printer under $15,000, according to Stratasys. Its small footprint (25 x 26x 31-inch) can fit in an engineer's cube/office. As a "personal" 3-D printer,uPrint means engineers won't have to wait in queue for a shared printer or formodels to arrive from an outside service. An auto power down feature savesenergy by shutting the printer off when a build is complete.

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