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Power Transmission/Motion Control

Power Transmission/Motion Control

Interested in low-friction rotary motion? Then check out Bayside's RD series direct-drive rotary stage. Its brushless dc servomotor achieves speeds up to 200 rpm. By replacing traditional worm gears, the design reduces wear and friction, and eliminates backlash. A built-in encoder achieves high positioning accuracy with repeatability between plus or minus 2 encoder counts, and resolutions to 0.5 arc sec.

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Tired of the same old technology for rotary indexers? The Megatorque motor from NSK has no cams, clutches, or brakes to wear. Providing massive amounts of torque for its size, the smallest YS series rotary indexer churns out 44 inch-lbs of torque in a package less than 1 inch thick and 6 inches in diameter. The largest provides 4,000 inch-lbs of torque at 3 rps. It supports up to 4,500 lbs, and moment loads up to 3,400 inch-lbs. Positioning repeatability of 2 arc min and encoder resolutions up to 614,000 counts per revolution make it suitable for robots, measuring instruments, or machining centers.

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For a high-performance servo solution with zero maintenance, consider the GOLDLINE(R) DDR from Kollmorgen. There will be no gearbox lubrication, belt tensioning, or seal leakage and replacement, because the only wearing component is the bearing in the motor-and it's an oversized, rugged, crossed-roller bearing. The D081 provides up to 225 lb-ft peak torque, up to 100 lb-ft continuous torque, speeds up to 500 rpm (8.3 rps), resolution up to 2,097,152 counts/rev, and repeatability down to 0.62 arc sec. It handles axial dynamic loading up to 7,900 lbs, and moment loads to 322 lb-ft.

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